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Globalization and Culture

Globalization and Culture

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Paul James - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

December 2009 | 1 720 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Globalization and Culture is the third set in the Central Current in Globalization series, a gold-standard collection of over 320 of the most important writings on globalization, structured around four interrelated themes: Violence; Economy; Culture; and Politics.

Globalization and Culture engages engages with the cultural dimensions of globalization. Volume I takes up the theme of communications beginning with the expansion of the technologies of long-distance communication in the late-nineteenth century, and into the rise of global news services in the early twentieth century, while Volume II looks at role religion has had in the process of globalization from the early mediaeval period through to the present 'War on Terror'. The third volume brings together essays that examine global-local consumption in two different, if increasingly related, ways. The processes associated with globalization have created hitherto unimaginable opportunities for cultural forms and practices to travel far beyond the indigenous sites and spaces in which they were first conceived and produced. The selections in Volume IV map the many ideologies of globalism beginning with the heliocentrism associated with classical astronomy and cartography to the development of market globalism as one of the dominant ideologies of our time.

Edited by Paul James and John Tulloch
John Tulloch and Paul James
Globalizing Communications: A critical introduction
Part I: Historical developments: Establishing global communications networks
Amand Mattelart
Networks of Universalization
Robert Pike and Dwayne Winseck
The Politics of Global Media Reform
Terhi Rantanen
The Globalization of Electronic News in the Nineteenth Century
Part II: Globalizing News Wars: Neo-liberal and counter globalizations
Andrew Rojecki
Media Discourse on Globalization and Terror
Allen Feldman
Deterritorialized Wars of Public Safety
Carol A. Stabile
Unveiling Imperialism: Media, gender and the war on afghanistan
Naomi Klein
Signs of the Times
Jeffrey S. Juris
The New Digital Media and Activist Networking with Anti-Corporate Globalization Movements
Part III: Globalizing Electronic Networks and the World Wide Web
Anthony M. Townsend
Network Cities and the Global Structure of the Internet
Alexander R. Galloway
Global Networks and the Effect on Culture
Jochen von Bernstorff
Democratic Global Internet Regulation? Governance networks, international law and the shadow of hegemony
Rita Raley
Part IV: Debating the Consequences of Globalizing Communications
Gertrud Koch
The New Disconnect: The globalization of the mass media
Philippe van Parijs
The Ground Floor of the World: On the socio-economic consequences of linguistic globalization
David Lyon
Globalizing Surveillance: Comparative and sociological perspectives
Helena Tapper
The Potential Risks of the Local in the Global Information Society
Indrajit Banerjee
The Locals Strike Back? Media globalization and localization in the new asian television landscape
Johan Norberg
The Right to Choose a Culture
Part V: Critical Projections
William Mazzarella
Culture, Globalization, Mediation
Luke Goode
Media Systems, Public Life and the Democratic Project: Theorizing public spheres in the era of mass communication
Oliver Boyd-Barrett
Cyberspace, Globalization and Empire
Bronislaw Szerszynski and John Urry
Cultures of Cosmopolitanism
Edited by Paul James and Peter Mandaville
Peter Mandaville and Paul James
Globalizing Religions: A critical introduction
Part VI: Historical Developments
Ryan Dutch
Beyond Cultural Imperialism: Cultural theory, christian missions and global modernity
John Voll
Islam as a Special World-System
Part VII: Conceptualizing Globalization and Religion
Peter Berger
Globalization and Religion
Peter Beyer
The Religious System of Global Society
Roland Robertson and JoAnn Chirico
Humanity, Globalization and the World-Wide Religious Resurgence: A theoretical explanation
Part VIII: Globalization and Religious Movements: Theologies old and new
Robert W. Hefner
Multiple Modernities: Christianity, islam, and hinduism in a globalizing age
James Beckford
Religious Movements and Globalization
Joel Robbins
The Globalization of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity
Enrique Dussel
The Sociohistorical Meaning of Liberation Theology
Part IX: Globalization and the Changing Boundaries of Religion: New spaces of consumption, practice and organization
Elizabeth McAlister
Globalization and the Religious Production of Space
James V. Spickard
Globalization and Religious Organizations: Rethinking the relationship between church, culture, and market
Lorne L. Dawson and Jenna Hennebry
New Religions and the Internet: Recruiting in a new public space
Peter Mandaville
Reimagining Islam
Part X: Debating the Globalization of Values and Identities
Samuel P. Huntington
The Clash of Civilizations?
Edward Said
The Clash of Ignorance
Catarina Kinnvall
Globalization and Religious Nationalism: Self, identity and the search for ontological security
Willfried Spohn
Multiple Modernity, Nationalism and Religion: A global perspective
Part XI: Critical Projections
Jose Casanova
Religion, the New Millennium and Globalization
Renato Ortiz
Notes on Religion and Globalization
Bryan S. Turner
Cosmopolitan Virtue: On religion in a global age
Edited by Paul James and Imre Szeman
Imre Szeman and Paul James
Global-Local Consumption: A critical introduction
Part XII: Historical Developments
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Some Passages Pertaining to the Concept of World Literature
Franco Moretti
Conjectures on World Literature
Steven Feld
A Sweet Lullaby for World Music
Part XIII: Global and Local Cultures
Arjun Appadurai
Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy
Ulf Hannerz
Cosmopolitans and Locals in World Culture
Victor Azarya
Globalization and International Tourism in Developing Countries: Marginality as a commercial commodity
Richard Giulianotto and Roland Robertson
The Globalization of Football: A study in the Glocalization of the "Serious Life"
David Rowe
Sport and the Repudiation of the Global
Part XIV: Global Literatures, World Music and Commercial Culture
Mia Consalvo
Console Video Games and Global Corporations: Creating a hybrid culture
Timothy Brennan
World Music Does Not Exist
Simon During
Transports of the Imagination: Some relations between globalization and literature
Hsiao-hung Chang
Fake Logos, Fake Theory, Fake Globalization
Part XV: Debating McDonaldization and Global Homogenization
George Ritzer
Islands of the Living Dead: The social geography of McDonaldization
Bryan S. Turner
McDonaldization: Linearity and liquidity in consumer cultures
Naomi Klein
The Tyranny of the Brands
Peter Jackson
Local Consumption Cultures in a Globalizing World
Robert Holton
Globalizations Cultural Consequences
Part XVI: Critical Projections
Benjamin Lee and Eward LiPuma
Cultures of Circulation: The imaginations of modernity
Michael Storper
Lived Effects of the Contemporary Economy: Globalization, inequality and the consumer society
Imre Szeman
Culture and Globalization, or, the Humanities in Ruins
Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff
Millennial Capitalism: First thoughts on a second coming
Edited by Paul James and Manfred B. Steger
Manfred B. Steger and Paul James
Ideologies of Globalism: A critical introduction
Part XVII: Historical Developments: From heliocentrism to globalism
Denis Cosgrove
Globalism and Tolerance in Early Modern Geography
Amartya Sen
How to Judge Globalism
Robert Cox
Ideologies and the New International Economic Order
Paul Gilroy
When Ignorant Armies Clash at Night: Homogenous community and the planetary aspect
Part XVIII: Dominant Ideologies of the Present: From market globalism to imperial globalism
Roland Robertson
Globalization and the Nostalgic Paradigm
Ruqaiya Hasan
Globalization, Literacy and Ideology
Bai Gao
Globalization and Ideology: The competing images of the contemporary japanese economic system in the 1990s
Tim Duvall
The New Feudalism: Globalization, the market, and the great chain of consumption
Jonathan Friedman
Americans Again, or the New Age of Imperial Reason? Global elite formation, its identity and ideological discourses
Paul James
In the Name of Freedom Comes a Totalizing War-Machine
Manfred Steger
From Market Globalism to Imperial Globalism: Ideology and American power after 9/11
Part XIX: Alternative Ideologies of the Present: From anti-capitalist localism to global Islam
Barbara Epstein
Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement
Amory Starr and Jason Adams
Anti-globalization: The global fight for local autonomy
Robin Broad
The Washington Consensus Meets the Global Backlash
Kiran Mirchandani
Practices of Global Capital: Gaps, cracks and ironies in transnational call centres in india
Serge Latouche
The Globe Downshifted
Fiona B. Adamson
Global Liberalism Versus Political Islam: Competing ideological frameworks in international politics
Part XX: Debating a World in Cleavage or an Emerging Global Synthesis
Benjamin R. Barber
Jihad vs. McWorld
Naomi Klein
Between McWorld and Jihad
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Hybrid Modernities: Mélange modernities in Asia
Amitai Etzioni
The Emerging Global Normative Synthesis
Part XXI: Critical Projections and the Future of Globalism
J rgen Habermas
Globalism, Ideology and Traditions
James Mittelman
Globalization: An ascendant paradigm?
John Rawlston Saul
The Collapse of Globalism: And the rebirth of nationalism
Douglas Kellner
Theorizing Globalization