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Group Exercises for Adolescents

Group Exercises for Adolescents
A Manual for Therapists, School Counselors, and Spiritual Leaders

Third Edition

July 2012 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

52 exercises for a full year of weekly group sessions with adolescents

This updated edition of Susan Carrell's best-seller provides a practical, concise overview of group work with adolescents, including dos and don'ts for group leaders, as well as potential pitfalls and hazards and how to avoid them. Ideal for therapists, school counselors, spiritual leaders, and other helping professionals, the manual addresses a wide range of today's hot issues for adolescents, including sex, alcohol, drugs, values and ethics, family dynamics, self-esteem, management of difficult emotions, peer relationships, and spirituality. Avoiding the usual "psychobabble," this no-nonsense guide discusses both behavioral and cognitive objectives, includes new exercises and is accompanied by a new companion teen journal.

Ideal for anyone who is developing a new program, revitalizing an existing one, or in need of a one-time group experience, this best-selling manual has been used successfully in schools, community settings, church/religious settings, court-ordered programs, and the private sector. Group Exercises for Adolescents, Third Edition is also appropriate for use as a supplement in courses in Social Group Work Practice and Social Work and Juveniles.

Feast or Famine

Sink or Swim

Begged, Borrowed, or Stolen

Turf and Territory

The Big Picture

The Basic Pattern: One Size Fits All

Naming the Group

Using the Teen Group Journals

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Terrible Twos and The Terrible Teens

Developmental Tasks of Adolescence

The Push-Pull of Adolescence

Five Polarities of Adolescence

By Hook or by Crook: Why do Groups?

Fish or Cut Bait: Why do Structured Groups?

Only Fools Rush In: Could I use This manual for My Group?

Fact or Fantasy

The Good News

Grist for the Mill

The Dance of Discipline

Speaking the Language

Keeping the Peace

Horses of a Different Color: Difficult Group Members

A Case for Cotherapy

The Keys to Success

Walking the Tightrope

Do the Ask

You're off and Running, but if you Stumble...

The Group Statement

Living With Community
Breaking the Ice

The Line Up

Naming the Group and Creating a Logo

Highest Hopes, Deepest Fears


Trust Walk

Pennies From Heaven

Bus Ride

Friendship "Rocks"!

Living With Identity
Objects Like Me

Fish for a Thought

Old Me, New Me

Personal Value System and Self-Esteem

Hit Parade


The Pipe Cleaner Artist

Strengths Jewelry

Living With Family
Family Sculpting

Survival Roles in a Family: A Psychodrama

Family Memories

Impaired Parents

Living with School
Not Your Usual Scavenger Hunt


Say What?

Rock Hard Resolve

Text Talk

The Right Thing

unsung Heroes

Living With Sexuality
Boy-Girl Relationships: Through the Fishbowl

Sex: Everything you Were Afraid to Ask

Living With Emotionality
Alternatives to Anger

The Loss Cycle: A Model for Discussing Depression and Suicide

The Shame Game

Words that Wound

Love Letters

Guilt: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

My Peace and Comfort

Living With Discovery
The Wizard: A guided Imagery Exercise

Card Game

A Matter of Perspective

The Black Balloon: Problem Identification

Favorite Story

The Gardener

Living With Chemicals
Chemical Dependence: The Disease Concept

Between Teens Playhouse: The Rise and Fall of One Good Guy

Druggie Tales: A TV Commercial

Living With Spirituality
My Spirituality

Wonder Moments

Mindfulness: A Tea Party

Forgiveness: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

My Read

My Spiritual Journey

About the Author
About the Illustrator

Group Exercises for Adolescents provides some imaginative and engaging activities which teenagers could relate to, but I also feel that many of them could be adapted to teaching counselling at levels 2 and 3. The author covers a variety of difficult topics such as anger, sexuality and addiction. Icebreakers are also included, and explanations of how to use the book.

Mrs Jackie Anne Villars
Higher Education, Accrington And Rossendale College
May 19, 2020

This book has some good ideas and exercises, but nothing particularly unique. It is a good read, but I do not envisage using most of the ideas in the classroom.

Mr Michael Smith
Public Services , Central Bedfordshire College
June 3, 2016

Some useful ideas and exercises to help students put some of the theory into practice. Well laid out and clear instructions.

Dr sally nash
Youth, Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry
January 5, 2016

Not adopted as a required text but recommended as a resourse for students in this course interested in groupwork with children, adolescents, and families!

Dr Kristy Brumfield
Division of Education, Xavier University
December 16, 2014

A great book that I have used in my health and social care class. Tables are now in a U shape. The students have enjoyed using this book and putting into practice what they have learnt in their placements. I have reccomended they purchase their own copy and I have reccomended it to the college library also.

Miss Naomi Whale
childcare, City of Bath College
February 18, 2013
Key features

Key Features

  • 52 group exercises (including 21 new ones) provide interesting, meaningful group experiences for a full year of weekly group sessions.
  • Two new sections exploring school issues and spirituality have been added based on user feedback.
  • Companion teen journals, available for each group member, include 21 structured writing exercises, teen-savvy cartoons and drawings, and more.

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ISBN: 9781483317151

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