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Hispanics in the Workplace

Hispanics in the Workplace

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Volume: 142

March 1992 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This volume is the first to directly examine the presence, maintenance, and advancement of Hispanics in the U.S. workforce. As such, this book makes a significant contribution to one of many glaring gaps of information pertaining to the soon-to-be largest minority population in the United States. . . . This book will serve as good reference material for information on Hispanics in the workforce and, I hope, will spur additional interest and research on this important yet ignored population." --Contemporary Sociology "Hispanics in the Workplace provides a very interesting and useful discussion of the status of this important group in our work force. I enthusiastically recommend it for use in graduate seminars on industrial and organizational psychology and human resources management." --Mary K. Schratz, Ph.D., California State University, Long Beach "This book addresses very important issues, seldom discussed in the literature. It is full of valuable information that brings the reader up to date on statistics, data, facts and analyses concerning issues of relevance to Latinos and to policy makers and social scientists. The book increases our understanding of the Latino work force, the problems they face, and suggests useful approaches and programs. An important resource for anyone interested in this population." --Oliva M. Espin, San Diego State University "A major contribution to the literature, Hispanics in the Workplace goes beyond the common demographic projections to in-depth studies of Hispanic groups. It is an excellent resource for descriptive statistics on Hispanics in the U.S.--especially on work force participation and education. Its analyses of how equal opportunity programs, mentoring, and litigation have affected Hispanics as a group will be very helpful to managers and policy developers." --Catherine A. Riordan, University of Missouri-Rolla "Bravo! Knouse, Rosenfeld, and Culbertson provide us with a significant look at the issues related to Hispanics at work. It should be required reading for those interested in work force diversity." --Robert A. Giacalone, University of Richmond "It provides an excellent interdisciplinary perspective and coverage of the literature on Hispanics in the workplace." --Harry C. Triandis, University of Illinois, U-C "This volume of 14 chapters, each written by a different author, provides an in-depth view of the Hispanic work force. Collectively, the chapters present a comprehensive explanation of employment factors; Hispanic work problems; mentoring systems for Hispanics; work issues for Hispanic women; and background on Hispanic work experiences in government and private sectors of the Us economy. Individual chapters are well written. . . . Readers interested in an intensive, rather statistical, perspective of the Hispanic work force will find this a useful reference." --Choice "Hispanics in the Workplace is important reading for anyone who would study Hispanic workforce characteristics, employment problems, and psychological as well as work challenges. Papers presented here are scholarly but do a fine job of using studies to pinpoint particular problems and trends unique to the Hispanic cultural experience. The link between workplace choice and experience and Hispanic psyche is strong." --Bookwatch, WYOU-TV, Madison, WI Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the United States and are filling an increasingly significant portion of the work force. However, despite these facts, little or no research to date has been conducted to address this issue. The first in its field, Hispanics in the Workplace presents a comprehensive exploration of Hispanic employment factors, problems at work, support systems, Hispanic women and work, and work in the government and private sectors. Contributors include notable researchers who uncover such specific topics as entry into employment, work force characteristics, recruiting and selection, training and development, special problems of women, job satisfaction, stress management, work ethic, stereotyping, and language barriers. They address various opportunities and problems of Hispanics they relate to the military, civilians in the military, the private sector, and entrepreneurs. If you are a professional, academic, or student of management, organization studies, sociology, human resources, and/or ethnic studies, this groundbreaker will prove to be an essential tool for you.

Stephen B Knouse, Paul Rosenfeld and Amy L Culbertson
Hispanics and Work
An Overview

Arthur R Cresce
Hispanic Work Force Characteristics
Cordelia W Reimers
Hispanic Earnings and Employment in the 1980s
George Domino
Acculturation of Hispanics
John F Dovidio et al
Cognitive and Motivational Bases of Bias
Implications of Aversive Racism for Attitudes Toward Hispanics

Helen N LaVan
Litigated Employment Discrimination Cases Based on National Origin
Comparison of Hispanic National Origin to all National Origin Cases

Richard C Cervantes
Occupational and Economic Stressors Among Immigrant and United States-Born Hispanics
Stephen B Knouse
The Mentoring Process for Hispanics
Jack Davis and Eduardo S Rodela
Mentoring for the Hispanic
Mapping Emotional Support

Denise A Segura
Walking on Eggshells
Chicanas in the Labor Force

Alba N Rivera-Ramos
The Psychological Experience of Puerto Rican Women at Work
Paul Rosenfeld and Amy L Culbertson
Hispanics in the Military
Jack E Edwards, Marie D Thomas and Regina L Burch
Hispanic Representation in the Federal Government
Lessons from the Navy's Equal Employment Opportunity Enhancement Research Program

Bernardo M Ferdman and Angelica C Cortes
Culture and Identity Among Hispanic Managers in an Anglo Business

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