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History and Crime

History and Crime

January 2008 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This lively and accessible text provides an introduction to the history of crime and crime control. It explains the historical background that is essential for an understanding of contemporary criminal justice and examines the historical context for contemporary criminological debates.

Topics covered include:
  • Crime statistics
  • Constructions of criminality
  • Policing
  • Prisons
  • Surveillance
  • Governance
  • White-collar crime
  • Immigration and crime
For each topic, the book provides an overview of current research, comment on current arguments, and links to wider debates.

The book is written in an accessible style which encourages students to think critically about the disciplines of both history and criminology. It includes an introduction to historical sources and methodology and provides a series of historical 'case-studies' analyzing the background to contemporary debates. Undergraduates will appreciate descriptions of key terms, a glossary, structured study questions, and chapter overviews.

History and Crime is indispensable for students and academics in criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and history. It is part of the Key Approaches to Criminology series.

History, Criminology and 'Historical Criminology'
The History of Criminal Statistics
Police Governance - Enforcement, Discretion, Professionalism and Accountability
Changing Perceptions of Criminality
Immigration, Ethnicity, Race and Crime
From the Workplace to the Streets?

Incarceration and Decarceration

"The history spans the ages and covers the statistics and everything from white-collar crime to prisons and explains the changes each has made as time has marched on."

James A. Cox
The Midwest Book Review

i am giving the feedback for my testing purpose.

Mr sunil testAC kumar testAC
The Arts Institute, The Arts Institute
August 14, 2015

To understand the complexities of the global world it is necessary to occupy oneself with the black economy and therefore with crime itself. Thanks for the great service!

Mr Wolfgang Gruber
Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna
January 19, 2014

This is just the sort of book I was looking for and will make a very useful reader for students.

Dr Helen Jones
Sociology , Manchester Metropolitan University
September 12, 2011

A useful text spanning a range of issues with a particular emphasis on crime control. The format is accessible and an excellent companion for undergraduate students of criminology and criminal justice. Readers are able to engage in the subject material for reference and are encouraged to reflect on their interpretation through guided study questions. This text makes a good contribution to other core texts in this area such as those by Clive Emsley.

Dr Paul Taylor
Social Studies and Counselling, Chester University
April 11, 2011

This books although very specific does enable the student to develop tehir learning on particular areas of the history of crime.

Dr Azrini Wahidin
Sch of Sociology,Soc Policy & Soc Work, Queen's University Belfast
March 12, 2011

The course is an academic study of investigation. During the studues we look closely at the structure and foundations of investigation. This text provides an excellent foundation for understandings in these areas, particularly in relation to the evolving perceptions of what constitutes criminality.

Dr Peter Hall
Other, Coventry University
May 20, 2010

useful as a starting point for second year students

Mr John Meleady
School of social science and business, university campus suffolk
January 19, 2010

A very good text that places crime in a historical context. very useful for those students that aim for a greater level of understanding of crime in contemporary society

Mr Stuart Agnew
Social Science , University Campus Suffolk Ltd
October 29, 2009

A useful book for level 5 students. However, for a book entitled 'History and Crime', it doesn't really do what it says on the tin. It's more about crime control, and the discussion of historical patterns of crime gets bogged down in the usual and rather tedious discussion of the unreliability of statistics. A useful discussion of the immigration issue, though, and still useful for students on this module and others. Competes well with the usual suspects - Rawlings, Taylor, Emsley and the rest - but covers the same old ground and doesn't really add much apart from the discussion of immigration.

Professor Steve Hall
Social Science , Northumbria University
October 27, 2009

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