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A Sourcebook of Social Research

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October 1998 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This comprehensive and authoritative volume is a must-have reference for anyone involved in or interested in homicide research. Carefully organized and edited, the 25 contributions to this sourcebook have been prepared by a group of distinguished scholars, each in a particular research, providing summaries of the current state of knowledge for the subject of their expertise. The authors, many from the Homicide Research Working Group, provide a groundbreaking assessment of empirical knowledge regarding social theories of homicide; methodological issues in the study of homicide; homicide research among specific groups, including youth homicide, gang homicide, African Americans and homicide, and Latinos and homicide; homicide among intimate partners; serial murders; and the role of drugs and alcohol in homicide.

The contributors also explore solutions regarding the death penalty, gun control, public health programs, and community involvement and public policy reactions designed to prevent homicide. Including state-of-the-art research and an impressive list of citations, Homicide is a valuable tool for future research. In an important concluding chapter, the editors tackle of unresolved problems and issues in the study of homicide. Comprehensive and authoritative, this important book is a necessary reference book for researchers, academics, and sophisticated practitioners concerned with all types of homicide. It will also be appealing for graduate students in departments of criminal justice, criminology, and sociology.

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ISBN: 9780761907657