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How Big is a Big Number?

How Big is a Big Number?
Learning to teach mathematics in the primary school

February 2018 | 304 pages | Learning Matters
What, how and why?
If you don't really understand the content of the primary mathematics curriculum, how can you teach it? This beautiful full colour book is here to help. It covers all you need to know to be an effective teacher of primary mathematics.

It shows you how to explore number, shape and pattern with the children you teach. It examines what we mean by 'mastery of mathematics' and reviews what we can learn from Asian maths teaching methods. It helps you to see how areas of mathematics fit together and how you can support children to build their own understanding of the subject.

This book goes beyond showing you how to teach. It shows you that process is as important as product. That getting it wrong can be as useful as getting it right and that children can't really learn the what without understanding the why.

Masters of the classroom
Not as easy as 1, 2, 3
A ray of sunshine
Maths is mental
Making sum sense
Recurring problems
The joy of x
The shape of things to come
Losing the plot
Made to measure
Statistically speaking
Moving on

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Chapter 2: Not as easy as 1, 2, 3

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