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How to Do Your Case Study

How to Do Your Case Study

Third Edition
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March 2021 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This accessible guide takes you through the process of designing, conducting and writing up a research project using case study methods. In his characteristic warm and friendly style, Gary Thomas covers each step at a confidence-building pace, helping you to get to grips with the theory and practice of doing a case study.

Focusing on vital issues like validity, reliability and quality in research, the author helps you ensure your research is rigorous and methodologically sound. This third edition:

·       Offers an expanded discussion of key ethical issues in case study research

·       Provides up to date information about using social media in research

·       Presents a new navigation tool to help you plan your case study project

·       Enables you to develop the skills you need to become a critical and reflexive researcher

Covering international examples of case study in practice and accompanied by downloadable checklists and templates, this book is the perfect companion to help you successfully complete a case study.

Stage I: Getting Your Bearings
Chapter 1: What is a case study?
Chapter 2: The case study and research design
Chapter 3: The whole is more than the sum of the parts: seeing a complete picture
Chapter 4: Rigour and quality in your case study: what’s important?
Chapter 5: Ethics
Stage II: Choosing a case and structuring your study
Chapter 6: Different kinds of case studies: selecting a subject for your case study
Chapter 7: Your purpose: thinking about the object of your study
Chapter 8: Your approach: theory testing or theory building; interpretation or illustration
Chapter 9: Your process: the shape, style and manner of your case study
Stage III: Collecting evidence, analysing and writing up
Chapter 10: Out in the field: some ways to collect data and evidence
Chapter 11: Analysis: a toolkit for analysing and thinking in case study
Chapter 12: Writing your study

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