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How to Write a Master's Thesis

How to Write a Master's Thesis

Second Edition

June 2013 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Yvonne N. Bui's How to Write a Master's Thesis is a step-by-step guidebook that demystifies a process that can often prove to be overwhelming and confusing to graduate students. The tone and format of this applied book is reader-friendly and includes practical suggestions that go beyond informing what "should" be done. It is chock full of detailed explanations, examples, and supplemental materials that have been used successfully in advising students in completing their master's theses.

Chapter 1. Overview of the Master's Degree and Thesis
Chapter 2. Selecting a Research Topic
Chapter 3. Using the Literature to Research Your Problem
Chapter 4. Conducting Ethical Research
Chapter 5. How to Write Chapter One, Introduction
Chapter 6. How to Write Chapter Two, Review of the Literature
Chapter 7. How to Write Chapter Three, Methods
Chapter 8. How to Write Chapter Four, Results
Chapter 9. How to Write Chapter Five, Discussion
Chapter 10. Final Formatting, APA Style

“This book is great and fills an absolute need!!! I was so happy to find it.”

Melissa R. Shyan-Norwalt
Martin University

“I don't use any other books but the Bui book. And yes, I would recommend this book to others. The Bui book is an easy read simply laid out and easy to follow. Students appreciate this book.”

Cath Stilwell
St. Cloud State University

“The key strengths are in the book's organization and explanation of how to structure the thesis. The step by step focus in this comprehensive book offers the student an on call 24 hour thesis advisor.”

Christine Kerr
Long Island University

“Dr. Bui's text is a much appreciated edition. It easily facilitated graduate research in Arts Management, a discipline still determining how to "best" conduct empirical research.”

Antonio C. Cuyler
Purchase College SUNY

The book provides an excellent description of the chapters required in the Master's thesis.

Dr Michelle Steele
Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership, Lipscomb University
October 12, 2016

A great guide for my thesis students

Dr Susan Barclay
Leadership Studies, University Of Central Arkansas
February 5, 2015
Key features


  • An advanced chapter organizer provides an up-front checklist of what to expect in the chapter. Unlike traditional chapter outlines, however, this advanced organizer also serves as a project planner, so that students can immediately prepare and work alongside the chapter as they begin to develop their thesis.
  • Excerpts from research articles and samples from exemplary students' master's theses relate specifically to the content of each chapter and provide the reader with a real-world context.
  • Bui provides detailed explanations of the various components of the master's thesis and presents concrete strategies on how to conduct a literature review, write each chapter of the master's thesis, and apply the American Psychological Association (APA) editorial style.
  • A comprehensive Resources section features "Try It!" boxes, which lead students through a sample problem or writing exercise based on research or statistical methods to reinforce prior course learning and the writing objectives at hand. Reflection/discussion questions in the same section are designed to help students work through the thesis process.
  • A glossary of major terms covers much of the ground of earlier methods and statistical courses, offering an additional resource or refresher for the student.
  • A comprehensive chapter focuses on ethical issues of conducting research and the process of applying for approval from Institutional Review Boards.
  • Balanced coverage of quantitative and qualitative research methods includes how to write up the results section for either (or both) designs.
  • Full guidance on conducting successful literature reviews includes up-to-date information on electronic databases and Internet tools complete with numerous figures and captured screen shots from relevant web sites, electronic databases, and SPSS software: all integrated with the text.


  • APA references throughout the book (including the revised chapter on APA style) have been updated to the APA 6th Edition, and include new figures where relevant.
  • Updated figures, references, suggested readings, and additional resources appear in each chapter.
  • New figures offer detailed explanation and examples for both the funnel writing strategy and the three ladders writing strategy.
  • New figures offering information about electronic search has been updated to reflect changes in technology and library resources.

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