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Human Geography

Human Geography

Five Volume Set
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March 2011 | 2 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four-volume set begins with a discussion of the histories and geographies of geographical knowledge. While human geography's succession of "theoretical turns" is important in understanding the discipline, this work also demonstrates the multiple, textured ways in which geography explains how we represent ourselves and others. Volumes III and IV focus on the central concerns of the discipline: Space (in relation to productions, practices and performances) and Nature (in relation to distinctions between "culture" and "nature").

SAGE Fundamentals of Geography is a series of authoritative Major Works in Human Geography and Physical Geography edited by internationally recognised scholars. The first two in the series are overview volumes on these two main subject areas. Taken together, these two sets demonstrate what is singular about the geographical imagination and the unique contribution its diverse perspectives makes to human science and natural science, as well as the link it provides between the human and the natural.

Histories of Geographical Knowledges
Tropical Hermeneutics and the Climatic Imagination David Livingstone
Writing Travels: Power, Knowledge and Ritual on the English East India Company's Voyages Miles Ogborn
The Political Pivot of Geography Gerry Kearns
Between Regions: Science, Militarism and American Geography from World War to Cold War Trevor Barnes and Matt Farish
The Meaning and Social Origins of Discourse on the Spatial Foundations of Society Allen Scott
Philosophies in Human Geography
The Culture of Epistemology Ulf Strohmayer
Postmodernist Thought in Geography: A Realist View Andrew Sayer
Strategic Positivism Elvin Wyly
Spatialising the Subject of Feminism Geraldine Pratt
Section Three: Situated Knowledges
Cook's Tour Derek Gregory
Situated Knowledges: Positionality, Reflexivity and Other Tactics Gillian Rose
The Limits of Responsibility: A Postcolonial Politics of Academic Knowledge Production Tariq Jazeel and Colin McFarlane
Politics and Ethics in Human Geography
Social Justice Revisited David Smith
Development Ethics: Distance, Difference, Plausibility Stuart Corbridge
Poststructuralist Ethics: Subjectivity, Responsibility and the Space of Community E. Jeffrey Popke
Practical Orientalism: Bodies, Everyday Life and the Construction of Otherness Michael Haldrup, Lasse Koefoed and Kirsten Simonsen
Intra-Disciplinary Divides and Debates
Geography as an Art Donald Meinig
Geographic Information Science Michael Goodchild
Geography: Coming Apart at the Seams? Ron Johnston
Beyond Difference: From Canonical Geography to Hybrid Geographies Mei-Po Kwan
Theory and Theorizing
Towards Minor Theory Cindi Katz
Understanding Diversity: The Problem Of/For Theory Linda McDowell
Fuzzy Concepts, Scanty Evidence, Policy Distance: The Case for Rigour and Policy Relevance in Critical Regional Studies Anne Markusen
Numbering, Modelling and Interpreting
From Models to Marx David Harvey
Quantitative Geography: Representations, Practices and Possibilities Eric Sheppard
Arguments for a Humanistic Geography Stephen Daniels
Denaturalizing Dispossession: Critical Ethnography in the Age of Resurgent Imperialism Gillian Hart
Masculinist Epistemologies and the Politics of Fieldwork in Latin Americanist Geography Juanita Sundberg
For Ethnography Steve Herbert
The Rigours of an Arctic Experiment: The Precarious Authority of Field Practices in the Canadian High Arctic, 1958-1970 Richard Powell
Maps and mappings
Cartography without Progress: Reinterpreting the Nature and Historical Development of Map-Making Matthew Edney
Subverting Cartography: The Situationists and Maps of the City David Pinder
Rethinking Maps Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge
Visuality and visual methods
Visuality Fraser MacDonald
Feminist Visualization: Re-Envisioning GIS as a Method in Feminist Geographic Research Mei-Po Kwan
Imagining Geographies of Film Stuart Aitken and Deborah Dixon
Digging in to Google Earth: an Analysis of Crisis in Darfur Lisa Parks
Researching and intervening
Geography and Public Policy: The Case of the Missing Manifesto Ron Martin
'Give Up Activism' and Change the World in Unknown Ways: Or, Learning to Walk With Others on Uncommon Ground Paul Chatterton
Participatory GIS: A People's GIS Christine Dunn
Radical Scholarship: A Polemic on Making a Difference Outside the Academy Don Mitchell
Theorizing space
The Spatio-Temporality of Capitalism Noel Castree
Power, Modernity and Historical Geography Cole Harris
Philosophy and Politics of Spatiality: Some Considerations Doreen Massey
Space: The Fundamental Stuff of Geography Nigel Thrift
Globalization and Geographical Scale
The Spaces and Times of Globalization: Place, Scale, Networks, and Positionality Eric Sheppard
After Geopolitics? From The Geopolitical Social to Geoeconomics Deborah Cowen and Neil Smith
Querying Globalization Julie-Kathie Gibson-Graham
Human Geography without Scale Sallie Marston, John Paul Jones and Keith Woodward
Places and Everyday Life
A Day in the Life Allan Pred
Driving Places Peter Merriman
The Effacement of Place: US Foreign Policy and the Spatiality of the Gulf Crisis Gearoid O'Tuathail
Prospect, Perspective and the Evolution of the Landscape Idea Denis Cosgrove
Dead Labor and the Political Economy of Landscape Don Mitchell
Climate, Race and Imperial Authority: The Symbolic Landscape of the British Hill Station in India Judith Kenny
Performing On the Landscape versus Doing Landscape Kenneth Olwig
Taking Los Angeles Apart: Towards a Postmodern Geography Edward Soja
Regions, Globalization, Development Michael Storper and Allan Scott
Regions Unbound: Towards a New Politics of Place Ash Amin
Bounded Spaces in the Mobile World: Deconstructing Regional Identity Anssi Paasi
Territory and Borderlands
Borders on the Mind: Re-Framing Border Thinking John Agnew
Land, Terrain, Territory Stuart Elden
Besieging Cartographies Derek Gregory
Stateless by Design Alison Mountz
Political Economies of Environment and Natural Resources
The Production of Nature Neil Smith
California's Golden Road to Riches: Natural Resources and Regional Capitalism, 1848 - 1940 Richard Walker
The Political Economy of a Crisis Scott Prudham
Resource Curse? Governmentality, Oil and Power in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Michael Watts
Social Vulnerability and Un/Natural Hazards
The Space of Vulnerability: The Causal Structure of Hunger and Famine Michael Watts and Hans Bohle
White Death Kris Olds, James Sidaway and Matt Sparke
The Geopolitical Economy of Resource Wars Philippe Le Billon
Political Ecologies
Converting the Wetlands, Engendering the Environment: The Intersection of Gender with Agrarian Change in the Gambia Judith Carney
Landscapes of Disaster: Water, Modernity and Urban Fragmentation in Mumbai Matt Gandy
Human Geography and the 'New Ecology': The Prospect and Promise of Integration Karl Zimmerer
Producing and Consuming Chemicals: The Moral Economy of the American Lawn Paul Robbins and Julie Sharp
Cultures of 'Nature'
Unstable Climates: Exploring the Statistical and Social Constructions of 'Normal' Climate Mike Hulme
Buried Epistemologies: The Politics of Nature in (Post) Colonial British Columbia Bruce Braun
Agrarian Moral Economies and Neoliberalism in Brazil: Competing Worldviews and the State in the Struggle for Land Wendy Wolford
Biopolitical Geographies
Foucault's Population Geographies: Classifications, Biopolitics and Governmental Spaces Steve Legg
The Securitization of Fear in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka Jennnifer Hyndman
Exceptional Sovereignty: Guantanamo Bay and the Re-Colonial Present Simon Reid-Henry
More-than-Human Geographies
Transspecies Urban Theory Jennifer Wolch, Kathleen West and Thomas Gaines
The Nature That Capital Can See: Science, State and Market in the Commodification of Ecosystem Services Morgan Robertson
Living Cities: Towards A Politics of Conviviality Steve Hinchliffe and Sarah Whatmore
Ecologies of Empire: On the New Uses of the Honeybee Jake Kosek

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