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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Strategic and International Perspectives

Third Edition
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July 2020 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A comprehensive introduction to HRM for students who are new to the field, but who will be seeking employment in a global market, working with diverse colleagues and across international borders. 

Broken down into three parts covering Strategic Issues in HRMHRM in Practice and HRM in Context, and weaving international and cross-cultural perspectives throughout, the text explores the ever-changing world of human resource management. The various theories, practices and debates that populate this field are examined, and the challenges and controversies that arise when theory meets practice are explored. The international dimensions of HRM, including cross-cultural working, diversity, equality and international business, have been considered throughout. Practical learning features have been included to help students develop skills they can apply to their course and in graduate employment.

In the new edition, all chapters have been thoroughly updated and the authors have included an additional chapter on Digitization and Artificial Intelligence in HRM. 

The book is supported by a wide range of online resources and tools for both lecturers and students, including access to SAGE journal articles, chapter specific podcasts, SAGE video, PowerPoint slides, interactive multiple choice questions and SAGE Business Cases. 

Suitable for undergraduates and post-graduate students looking for a strategic and international perspective of HRM.


Jonathan R. Crawshaw, Jude Preston and Alastair Hatch
Chapter 1 Introduction: Context and Challenges for HRM
Anastasia Katou, Pawan Budhwar, Karin Sanders and Hoa Do
Chapter 2 HRM and Firm Performance
Achim Schmitt, Steffen Raub and Katty Marmenout
Chapter 3 Organisational Change and HRM
Ashish Malik, Srikanth NR and Pawan Budhwar
Chapter 4 Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HRM
Carole Parkes, Rosalind Searle and Helen Borland
Chapter 5 HRM and the Ethical Organisation
Charmi Patel, Pawan Budhwar and Sin Mun Chang
Chapter 6 Globalism, Multinational Enterprises and HRM
Judy Scully, Jonathan Crawshaw Alexis Fullard, Michael Gregson, Ben Clegg and Paul Turner
Chapter 7 Workforce (Artificial) Intelligence Planning
Daniel P. Hinton, Stephen A. Woods and Lara D. Zibarras
Chapter 8 Recruitment and Selection
Lilian Otaye-Ebede, Vincenza Priola and Elaine Yerby
Chapter 9 Diversity in Organisations: HRM and International Practices
Margarita Nyfoudi and Helen Shipton
Chapter 10 Learning and Development
Ann Davis and Vidu Badigannavar
Chapter 11 Reward Strategies and Systems
Arup Varma, Pawan Budhwar, Peter Norlander and Ying Shi
Chapter 12 Performance Management and Motivation
Kathy Daniels
Chapter 13 Workplace Relations and Regulations
Nicholas Theodorakopoulos and Safa Arslan
Chapter 14 HRM in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Helen Shipton, Karin Sanders and Jennifer Surtees
Chapter 15 HRM in the Not-for-Profit Sectors