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I See What You Mean

I See What You Mean
Persuasive Business Communication

December 1995 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Writing in a readable style and developing communication concepts in an impressive manner, Whalen pulls from his experience in sales, broadcasting, politics, and teaching to inductively develop the process of acquiring competency as a communicator."

"I See What You Mean is an invaluable book for the professional. Its warm and witty style of writing makes it an enjoyable book to read; its powerful message makes it a mandatory book to read. Joel Whalen explores the foundations of communication, focusing on the unique nature of business interactions, and then takes the issue to an even more practical level. I See What You Mean provides the necessary tools to prepare and deliver a persuasive presentation that leaves both the speaker and the listener satisfied. The book is sprinkled with tips, ranging from how to close the technical heavy sale to overcoming speech anxiety or building the credibility that will help springboard your career. I See What You Mean is a treasure of techniques and insights into business communication."
--E. Ruth White, Advertising Associate, American Medical Association

"A welcome handbook to effective business communications! D. Joel Whalen's I See What You Mean is a fine across-the-board account of the communications skills and techniques essential in any successful enterprise."
--Bruce D'Agostino, Dairy & Food Industries Supply Association, Inc.

"D. Joel Whalen's I See What You Mean is as entertaining as it is educational. The creative and clever analogies used in the text provide clear and interesting insight for the seasoned executive and the new professional alike. Dr. Whalen's colorful personality and keen ability to captivate an audience have been perfectly translated into text that is logically written and exciting to read. Ideal for classroom use--students come to class prepared and eager to apply what they've learned from the reading."
--Jeric Johnson, The Disney Channel & Kellstadt Fellow DePaul University

Develop the communication "street-smarts" necessary for working in a teamwork environment by learning how to: 
  • Create a high-impact presentation in five minutes
  • Manage your stage fright
  • Persuade angry bosses and managers
  • Increase your credibility

I See What You Mean is a practical, innovative guide that has been extensively tested with MBA students and business executives. Author D. Joel Whalen has shown thousands of people how to be more successful by being more persuasive. This auspicious new volume includes research-based examples, tips, and exercises that teach you the communication skills necessary to survive and thrive in the new business environments of today.

I See What You Mean is an excellent resource for business communication courses and executive development programs as well as anyone pursuing a career in management, marketing, communications, social work administration, or public administration.

The Central Leverage Points of Effective Communication
Effective Communication
Symbolically Sharing Your Personal Experience

The Search for Meaning
Symbols Get Meaning from Social Experience

When You're Afraid to Communicate
Understanding Anxiety and Fear

Managing Speech Anxiety
Action Steps You Can Take

First, People Must Believe You
Managing Your Credibility

Oral Communication
The Words You Say Are Less than 10% of the Message

Strategies for Developing Messages
What You're Going to Say

Strategies for Formatting Presentations
How You Say It

Message Delivery
Performing the Presentation

Visual Tools for Presentation
Writing Memos with High Communication Factor
Writing Reports with High Communication Factor
Writing with High Communication Factor
Becoming the Great Communicator
Some Special Words to Participants in Dr Whalen's Effective Communication Classes and Workshops

A Message to DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Students
Effective Communication (KGSB 499)


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