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Images of Schools

Images of Schools
Structures and Roles in Organizational Behavior

March 1995 | 424 pages | Corwin
The current debate in the United States over education reform, particularly school restructuring, is essentially over which strategy of organization will achieve the best result: Accountability versus autonomy; empowerment versus centralization; or standardization versus flexibility? This innovative book applies analytical perspectives from organizational theory to education. The results will help school administrators develop more effective strategies and tactics.

Brian Rowan
School Organizations by Design
The Organizational Design of Schools

Charles Taylor Kerchner and Krista D Caufman
Schools as Decision-Making Arenas
Institutionalism and Strategic Decisions in Education

Eric Rait
Schools as Learning Organizations
Against the Current: Organizational Learning in Schools

Terrence E Deal
Schools as Cultural Arenas
Symbols and Symbolic Activity

Ann Weaver Hart
Redesigning the Role of the Teacher
The Impacts of Mathematics and Computer Technology on the Core Assumptions and Practices of Teaching

Stephen M Mitchell
Enabling Good Teaching Performance
Performance Management in Education

Gary Sykes and Jason Millman
Assessing Teaching Performance
The Assessment of Teaching Based on Evidence of Student Learning

Ellen B Goldring
School Administrators as Boundary Spanners
Striking a Balance: Boundary Spanning and Environmental Manangement in Schools

Lee G Bolman and Rafael Heller
School Administrators as Leaders
Research on School Leadership: The State of the Art

Rodney T Ogawa
Fitting Leaders to School Organizations
Administrator Succession in School Organizations

Samuel B Bacharach and Bryan Mundell
The Implicit Action beneath Explicit Organizing Models

While old, the topics were still in line with the issues raised in the course I offered.

Jeffrey Lewis
Organizational Studies, Pitzer College
October 8, 2013

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