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Imagining Society

Imagining Society
An Introduction to Sociology

Second Edition
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February 2024 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Imagining Society, Second Edition is an introductory text that presents sociology as a distinctly human enterprise. In every chapter, as they are learning the discipline’s foundational concepts, readers are led on a journey, across time and space, to encounter some of sociology’s key “makers”—the creative individuals whose representations of the social world enable us to make sense of it and change it for the better. At each stop they will be immersed in the actions, ideas, and original thoughts of these diverse and seminal thinkers, whose empirical methods and theoretical insights have inspired other sociologists and form the building blocks of the discipline.

Exercises in the text create opportunities for students to activate their own imaginations and to also see familiar contemporary culture and society—TV shows, popular music, advertising, organizations, thought-leaders and authority figures, fads and movements, etc.—through fresh eyes.

Part I: Understanding Society
Chapter 1: The Sociological Imagination
Chapter 2: Socialization and Social Interaction
Chapter 3: Deviance, Law, and Crime
Part II: Social Inequality
Chapter 4: Social Stratification and Social Class
Chapter 5: Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 6: Gender at the Intersections
Part III: The Role of Institutions
Chapter 7: Language, Media, and Culture
Chapter 8: The Family and Intimate Relationships
Chapter 9: Education
Chapter 10: Work and Rationalization
Chapter 11: Health
Chapter 12: Globalization and Global Inequality
Part IV: Social Change
Chapter 13: Change Through Policy and the Law
Chapter 14: Social Movements
Appendix 1: Readings in Imagining Society
Appendix 2: Methods in Imagining Society


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Key features
  • The new edition is available in Sage Vantage, an intuitive learning platform that integrates quality Sage textbook content with assignable multimedia activities and auto-graded assessments to drive student engagement and ensure accountability. Unparalleled in its ease of use and built for dynamic teaching and learning, Vantage offers customizable LMS integration and best-in-class support.
  • A new feature, Getting to Know, introduces students to some of the most influential classical and modern sociologists, highlighting interesting facts about their lives and careers. By personalizing these key scholars, students can better connect to the real people that bring sociology to life.
  • A new focus on Covid-19 helps readers to understand its impact on society by exploring issues of education and inequality during the pandemic.
  • New coverage of timely topics such as Black Lives Matter, anti-Asian hate crimes, the opioid epidemic, and climate action help to draw readers in by engaging them in the issues that are central to their lives.
  • This text available as a digital option through Sage Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that offers auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including video—all designed to enable students to better prepare for class.
  • Original readings by classic sociologists and modern researchers illustrate how concepts and ideas have their origins in the work of our founding sociologists and how the concepts of our discipline are being applied.
  • Unique chapters on social change and social movements help students think beyond inequalities and the institutions that keep them in place and visualize ways that they can impact positive change.
  • Using Your Sociological Imagination activities provide students with opportunities to apply key sociological concepts and theories to their everyday lives.
  • Methods in Depth sections in each chapter introduce students to all the major qualitative and quantitative methods used by sociologists to better understand the family, race, gender, education, health, and other areas.
  • Learning objectives help students focus on concepts they will learn throughout the chapter.
  • To help reinforce students’ understanding of the content, a short summary can be found at the end of each chapter.
  • A list of key terms is provided at the end of each chapter. Students can find a full glossary in the back of the book.
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