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In Search of National Economic Success

In Search of National Economic Success
Balancing Competition and Cooperation

May 1995 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Recent work in comparative political economy has generated a host of alternative explanations for variation in national economic performance--institutional sclerosis, flexible specialization, governance relations, etc. In each case, these explanations have trouble accounting for more than a handful of instances. In Search of National Economic Success uses detailed case studies with statistical analysis to comparatively assess the "market liberal" belief in free markets, limited government, and the tradeoff between economic efficiency and social justice. Lane Kenworthy argues that the key to economic success lies in combining competition with cooperation. Among advanced industrialized nations, the countries achieving the best economic performance results over the past three decades have been the most committed to combining competition and cooperation. Those faring the worst rely predominantly on atomistic, individualistic competition. In the end, the comparative record strongly supports a focus on cooperation-inducing institutions. This volume will prove invaluable to scholars and students in comparative politics, international political economy, and comparative economics. "[This volume] presents an alternative explanation of the cross-national variation in performance, arguing that national economic success lies in combining competition with cooperation." --Journal of Economic Literature

The Fall and Rise of Market Liberalism
The Efficiency of Constraint
Equality and Efficiency
The Illusory Trade-Off

Too Much Government?
Labor Organization and the Common Interest
The Economics of Cooperation
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