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Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education
International Policy & Practice

First Edition

December 2009 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What does inclusion really mean, and what impact have inclusive approaches to education had on practice?

Bringing together issues of theory, research, policy, and practice from both the countries of the South and the North, this ground-breaking book provides a critical discussion of recent developments in the field of inclusive education.

The authors consider developments, both in current thinking about the meaning of inclusion and in terms of policies and practices, in the context of education systems across the world and their differences and inter-relatedness. Issues discussed include the increasing pressure on educators to develop a global policy agenda for inclusive education, the individual needs of children, the illusion of inclusivity and the importance of local contexts in determining policy. The book's international perspective illuminates common successes, failures, and concerns.

With case studies from Europe, the Caribbean, and Australasia, the book also features chapter summaries, questions to facilitate critical thinking and discussion, and suggestions for further reading.

An essential read for anyone studying inclusive education, special educational needs, disability studies, social policy, and international and comparative education, this book will ignite debate and enable the reader to develop a deeper understanding of the issues.

Inclusive Education: Key Themes
The Social History of Inclusion
The Current State of Inclusive Education: Contradictions and Concerns
Globalization: Internationalization of Inclusive Education
The Impact of International Agencies on Inclusive Policies
The European Union: A Common Policy on Inclusion?
Making Inclusion Special: A Case Study of English Policy Contradictions
From Policy to Practice: Defining Inclusion in Schools
Exporting Inclusion to the Developing World
A conclusion or a Starting Point for the Future?
An Epilogue on Reflection

This is a well written book which adopts an informative yet readable style of writing. It presents some of the key debates around inclusion and also promotes discussion around these points. At the end of each chapter, there is a summary and also questions for discussion. In these, the reader is encouraged to explore their own understanding and challenge any of their previously held views. The further reading is also useful for any students wishing to further explore the issues. The level is appropriate for students studying at undergraduate level,; however, for someone who is new to the subject at any level of study, it offers a sound and concise account of inclusive education.

Mrs Patricia Shaw
Faculty of Education, Hull University
February 3, 2014

An excellent read that discusses inclusion.It offers interesting points for reflection, case studies and questions that can be used easily in seminars.

Mrs Svetlana Shivacheva
University Centre Croydon, Croydon College
October 8, 2013

Provocative book that puts inclusion in eaducation at the forefront of teaching. Policy and Practice are considered side by side with a foregrounding of key issues such as disability and language.

Dr Paul Miller
Arts & Education, Middlesex University
February 29, 2012

A valuable, informative book providing students and lecturers alike with a clear understanding of the topic and current legislation impacting on such. This is useful for all courses teaching child education and for courses such as Social Work Practice.

Mrs Andrea Morgans
General Education, Cardiff and Vale College
December 15, 2011

An excellent and informative read

Mrs Suzanne Sinclair
School of Education and Professional Studies, University Centre at Blackburn College
December 2, 2011

critical discussion of developments of inclisive education both North and South Hemispheres.

Mr Noel Ronan
Culinary Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
August 30, 2011

This will be a useful for text for students undertaking the module on Inclusive Practice as part of the Foundation Degree in Children's and Young people's workforce. The case studies, discusssion questions and points for reflection are useful for both class discussion and student reflection on own learning. The layout of the text is effective and student friendly with useful summary boxes.

Ms Jennifer Brown
Community Studies, Truro College
July 26, 2011

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