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International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management
An Employment Relations Perspective

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July 2014 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An innovative and thought-provoking resource designed to support the study of International and Human Resource Management and Employment Relations.

Written by an internationally renowned team of experts and underpinned by cutting-edge research, International Human Resource Management tackles a broad range of controversial and often marginalised issues associated with globalisation and its impact on multinational companies and employees.

Prepare to be gripped by fascinating and sometimes shocking revelations about the darker realities of a more globalised context and to emerge fully aware of these issues in the workplace and in employment generally.

A truly global range of case studies and examples within the book plus carefully selected journal articles online will further enhance your learning experience and outcomes.

Visit the companion website  for PowerPoint slides, additional case studies, online journal articles and web links related to topics covered in the book.

Miguel Martinez Lucio
Introduction: An employment relations perspective to IHRM
Miguel Martinez Lucio
Chapter 1: Globalization, organizations and employment: the dynamics of degradation?
Phil Almond and Maria Gonzalez
Chapter 2: The Changing Nature of HRM, Organizational Change and Globalization
Miguel Martinez Lucio
Chapter 3: National labour and employment relations systems and the impact of globalization
Oscar Rodriguez Ruiz
Chapter 4: Pay and Remuneration in Multinationals
Fang Lee Cooke
Chapter 5: Equality, diversity and fairness as a new politics in multinational corporations
Miguel Martinez Lucio and Stephen Mustchin
Chapter 6: Training and workplace skills in the context of globalization: new directions and discourses in skills
Paul Stewart
Chapter 7: Lean production and globalization: a 'revolutionary' management agenda and the remaking of lavour intensification?
Leo McCann
Chapter 8: Economic and social context: Are there varieties of capitalism? What difference does it make to employment relations?
Carlos J. Fernandez Rodriguez
Chapter 9: The learning environment and the politics of globalization: consultants and business schools between standardization and rhetoric
Naresh Kumar and Miguel Martinez Lucio
Chapter 10: Developing contexts of human resource management and industrial relations: globalization and employment relations strategies and narratives
Nathan Lillie, Erka Caro, Lisa Berntsen and Ines Wagner
Chapter 11: Migration and human resource management
Robert MacKenzie and Miguel Martinez Lucio
Chapter 12: Regulating work and employment internationally: the emergence of soft regulation
Miguel Martinez Lucio and Jeremy Waddington
Chapter 13: Globalization, multinational corporations and trade unions: creating new forms of international trade unionism and new forms of representation within multinational corporations
Steve Walker
Chapter 14: Media, new union strategies and non-government organizations as global players: the struggle over representation and work
Miguel Martinez Lucio
Conclusion: Contested spaces, globalization and the new politics of regulation


‘This book breaks a new path within the field of international human resource management. It is written by an international team of leading specialists and researchers and offers deeper and more critical insights into IHRM topics than found in most mainstream textbooks. Written with a sense of urgency, the book includes and addresses important and topical issues that often are overlooked or neglected in conventional textbooks. The authors, impressively and in a highly readable manner, relate people management issues within global organisations to the wider complexities of international employment relations and the global political economy. The book does not shy away from addressing controversial issues of ethical and political-economic nature and is bound to raise important questions to be explored and discussed in the classroom. This is, indeed, a timely and much awaited text that takes the teaching of international human resource management to the next level’

Thor Indridason
University of the West of England

'This excellent and innovative book deserves a wide readership, especially among practitioners and students of IHRM. The editor and contributors are a talented team'

Professor Greg Bamber
Monash University

the first chapter is essential, and the rest is worth to be read, because of the perspective. However only the first chapter is good.

Professor jacek Woźniak
Accounting , WSFiZ
June 17, 2016

Good book, students understand very well the topic and the used language.

Mr Paulo Da Silva
Management, University of Evora
May 20, 2015

The module was withdrawn in the 2014-15 academic year.

Text was passed to M.Khan for consideration on an International HRM module he is developing at the University of Lincoln.

Mr William Metcalf
Faculty of Business and Law, Lincoln University
March 16, 2015

Useful additional reading

Dr Alhajie Saidy Khan
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
March 5, 2015

Good contents. Interesting read

Dr Raymond Shaw
Business Dept, Cultural Experience Abroad - University of New Haven
February 23, 2015

An interesting book that explores IHRM in a employment relations context. It would good to have more general case studies and companion site

Dr Antoinette Saint hilaire
Management, Greenwich University
February 2, 2015

This is an excellent book which captures the essential nature of IHRM, with a wealth of examples and questions for students to debate.

Dr Janet Miller
Bristol Business School, University of The West of England
November 3, 2014

An excellent book that adds an international dimension to human resource management. Has been recommended as further reading.

Mr Amer Shehzad
Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire
October 15, 2014

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