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The Fabric of Social Becoming

June 1996 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Articulate and perceptive, Intersubjectivity is a text that explains the notions of intersubjectivity as a central concern of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and politics. Going beyond this broad-ranging introduction and explication, author Nick Crossley provides a critical discussion of intersubjectivity as an interdisciplinary concept to shed light on our understanding of selfhood, communication, citizenship, power, and community. The volume traces the contributions of key thinkers engaged within the intersubjectivist tradition, including Husserl, Buber, Kojeve, Merlau-Ponty, Mead, Wittgenstein, Schutz, and Habermas. A clear, concise introduction to a range of difficult concepts and thinkers, Intersubjectivity demystifies this very interdisciplinary subject for advanced and graduate-level students of philosophy, sociology, social psychology, and social and political theory.

A Book about Intersubjectivity

Dimensions of Intersubjectivity
Subjectivity, Alterity and Between
On Radical Intersubjectivity

Imagination, Self and Other
On Egological Intersubjectivity

Concrete Intersubjectivity and the Lifeworld
On Alfred Schutz

System, Lifeworld and Communicative Action
Intersubjectivity and Power
Citizens of the Lifeworld
The Fabric of Social Becoming


`Nick Crossley ends his important new book on intersubjectivity hoping that he has identified, clarified, and provoked thought about some of the most central philosophical and human science issues of our time..Crossley, indeed, amply delivers on his intentions, and I recommend the book highly' - Journal of Phenomenological Psychology

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