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Introduction to University Teaching

Introduction to University Teaching

October 2021 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The essential guide to teaching and learning in higher education, for anyone in support roles at university, including early career academics and graduate teaching assistants.

If you are new to teaching in higher education this is the book for you. This accessible text offers practical guidance on key aspects of teaching and learning in universities for early career academics and graduate teaching assistants taking their first steps in teaching roles. Understand how to plan and assess teaching sessions, the dynamics of teaching in small and large groups, how to use technology effectively, the particular challenges of laboratory and fieldwork and the importance of inclusive practice and career development.

Key features include:

  • Chapter links to the UK Professional Standards Framework
  • Case studies from higher education professionals in various roles
  • Activities and reflection points connecting ideas on best practice to your own experience

Chapter 1: Starting to teach in higher education
Chapter 2: Considering how we learn and how we teach
Chapter 3: Understanding course design and planning teaching
Chapter 4: Facilitating learning in small groups
Chapter 5: Teaching large groups and giving lectures
Chapter 6: Supporting students in laboratories and during fieldwork
Chapter 7: Working with individual students and supervising projects
Chapter 8: Using digital technologies in learning and teaching
Chapter 9: Developing inclusive teaching practice
Chapter 10: Assessing and giving feedback
Chapter 11: Overcoming challenges of the teaching role
Chapter 12: Developing your teaching and career

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