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Is Assessment Fair?

Is Assessment Fair?

October 2020 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Fairness in educational assessment has become a major talking point and allegations that assessments are unfair are commonplace on social media and in the press. But what does fairness mean in practice and how can we evaluate it?

This book offers a timely and necessary investigation, exploring the concept through the lenses of: measurement theory, social justice, the law and philosophy in order to put forward a template for fairness in educational assessment.

Drawing on international examples from the UK, US, Australia and South East Asia, this book offers a commentary on fairness that is highly relevant to the changing context of assessment today.

This book will be of interest to anyone with a professional or academic interest in educational assessment, to education policymakers and to all who are working to make assessment fair.

Chapter 1: Introducing fairness
Chapter 2: Fair assessment viewed through the lenses of measurement theory
Chapter 3: Fair assessment viewed through the lenses of professional standards, guidelines and procedures
Chapter 4: Fair assessment viewed through the lenses of the law
Chapter 5: Fair assessment viewed through the lenses of philosophy
Chapter 6: Fair assessment viewed through the lenses of social justice
Chapter 7: Conclusions, challenges and a template for fairness

This book was very thought provoking and will widen our trainees's perceptions and understanding of this multifaceted classroom activity I am really looking forward to some session discussions informed by everyone reading this book

Mrs Kim Lawler
Department Education, Bradford College
February 11, 2022

A useful publication which includes a range of perspectives, both domestic and international, allowing students to see alternative viewpoints in the discussion about whether assessment is fair. This publication allowed my students to see the perceived impact of issues surrounding assessment beyond their own experience within the classroom.

Mrs Gabrielle Morley
School of Education, University Centre Blackburn
May 12, 2021

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