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Karma Sutras

Karma Sutras
Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times

March 2021 | 216 pages | SAGE Response
Karma Sutras decodes the secrets of effective leadership in these uncertain times. It is a blueprint for success in the organizational and personal sphere. The book contains management mantras from one of India’s foremost thought leaders. It will help you navigate the technology-driven culture of 21st century business.

Karma Sutras throws light on the leadership practices needed for the 4.0 VUCA world. It vividly encapsulates the scientific and spiritual truths about organization, work, self-mastery and the purpose of leadership in the VUCA world. Laced with small narratives from current issues to motivating stories and relatable quotes, the book caters to aspiring leaders and first-time managers alike.  It provides deep anchors in spirituality for managers struggling in a disruptive world.

Finally, Karma Sutras will teach you the art of effective followership. As the author rightly says, ‘….in each follower there is an emerging leader’. 

Series Note
Foreword by Peter M. Senge
PART I Karma
Wisdom of Uncertainty
Managers and Leaders
Power and Authority
Culture and Technology
Decoding Work
PART II Sutras
Personal Mastery
Human Values
Nature’s Manuscript
Epilogue: The Sacred Path of Leadership

“This is a precious book. I hope it finds its way into the hands of readers who are as committed to the future as is the author.”

Peter M Senge
MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“This is an intelligent book for bosses and bosses-to-be.”

Political and Business Daily, 11 April 2021

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ISBN: 9789353886950

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