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Key Ideas in Sociology

Key Ideas in Sociology

Third Edition
Edited by:
  • Peter Kivisto - Augustana College, USA, Richard A. Swanson Professor of Social Thought, and Chair of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare, Augustana College, USA

May 2010 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc


Demonstrates the evolution of ideas developed by theorists over time and links classical sociological theory to today’s world

Key Ideas in Sociology, Third Edition, is the only undergraduate text to link today’s issues to the ideas and individuals of the era of classical sociological thought. Compact and affordable, this book provides an overview of how sociological theories have helped sociologists understand modern societies and human relations. It also describes the continual evolution of these theories in response to social change.

Providing students with the opportunity to read from primary texts, this valuable supplement presents theories as interpretive tools, useful for understanding a multifaceted, ever-shifting social world. Emphasis is given to the working world, to the roles and responsibilities of citizenship, and to social relationships. A concluding chapter addresses globalization and its challenges.

Contributor to the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award

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1. Key Ideas About the Social World
2. Industrial Society: From the Satanic Mills to the Digital Age
3. Democracy: From the Fall of the Bastille to the Fall of the Berlin Wall
4. Individualism: The Tension Between Me and Us
5. Modernity: From the Promise of Modern Society to Postmodern Suspicions
6. Globalization: Key Ideas in a Global Framework
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About the Author

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Dr Chelle Oldham
Early Years Development and Learning, Coventry University
May 20, 2019
Key features

Key Features:

  • Connects social theorists and their ideas over time, analyzing different historical circumstances and how theorists have added to and refined each other's thinking
  • Offers a genuinely integrated view of the history of social thought and links classical theory to today's thinking about modern life
  • Provides a brief overview of key theorists and their theories, making it a useful supplement for theory and introductory sociology courses
  • Includes the most current scholarship in this area, with new studies of the classics and the newest theories today

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