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Language and Its Normal Processing

Language and Its Normal Processing

June 1998 | 568 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How is language defined, and how is it shaped by the social, perceptual, and cognitive constraints of the user? What role does biology play in shaping language structure? In Language and Its Normal Processing, author Vivien C. Tartter answers these questions by presenting a timely, comprehensive, intellectually and empirically rich presentation of the psychology of language from diverse perspectives. She systematically steps undergraduates through the basic controversies in the field and presents broad, thorough, and up-to-date coverage for graduate students and professionals in order to expand their outlooks and backgrounds in psycholinguistics. This new volume explores sociolinguistics, bilingualism, secondary language processes, and second language reading and writing. It also strongly emphasizes the role of social processes in constructing meaning, in language and literacy acquisition, and in language change. It comprehensively covers typical language processing in normal individuals with thorough updates of relevant literature on the structure, processing, and acquisition of semantic, syntactic, and phonetic systems in language. A fascinating exploration, Language and Its Normal Processing is a valuable contribution to professionals and academics in psychology, cognition, and linguistics.

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ISBN: 9780803959958