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Law and Professional Issues in Nursing

Law and Professional Issues in Nursing

Fifth Edition

March 2020 | 376 pages | Learning Matters

Provides nurses of all levels with a crash course in law, helping them to better understand the legal obligations they face, and leaving them better prepared for safe and effective practice. Written in clear and straightforward language, the book covers issues such as equality and human rights, confidentiality, negligence, disability, children’s rights and mental health. It is also supported by insightful case studies and thought-provoking activities that demonstrate the relevance of law to nursing and how it underpins practice.

New to this edition:

·        Fully mapped to the latest NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)

·        New chapter covering death, dying and organ donation

·        Updated to take account of the Deprivation of Liberty Act

·        New content covering GDPR, Social Media and Safeguarding of Adults and Children

Chapter 1: Introduction to law in nursing
Chapter 2: Principled decision making in nursing
Chapter 3: Professionalism
Chapter 4: Equality and human rights
Chapter 5: Consent to treatment
Chapter 6: End-of-life care
Chapter 7: Mental health
Chapter 8: Protecting the vulnerable adult
Chapter 9: Consent and children
Chapter 10: Safeguarding children
Chapter 11: Negligence
Chapter 12: Record keeping
Chapter 13: Confidentiality
Chapter 14: Health and safety

Easy to read and clear with case studies

Miss Helen Susan Marshall
Directorate of Nursing, Liverpool University
December 2, 2020

Like the inclusion of activities and there are a good number of case studies. Will be very helpful for a students self-directed reading before and after taught session.

Dr Lauren-Grace Kirtley
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Wolverhampton University
November 2, 2020

Excellent. Used for prescribing students. Very relevant to all aspects of Nursing.

Mrs Lisa Paduch
Nursing and Midwifery, Sheffield Hallam University
March 16, 2020