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Leading and Managing in the Early Years

Leading and Managing in the Early Years

Second Edition

May 2011 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This second edition of Leading and Managing in the Early Years explores and integrates leadership and management practice with a real understanding of early years settings.

Revised and updated, this new edition includes:

  • Further coverage of reflective practice and reflective leadership skills
  • EYPS as well as integrated center leadership
  • More on CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • The impact of CLLD (Communication, Language and Literacy Development) initiatives and implementation of APP (Assessing Pupils' Progress)
  • Practical suggestions for working with resistant groups and individuals

Carol Aubrey investigates different concepts and characteristics of EC leadership as well as the roles and responsibilities of EC leaders. She also explores the types of leadership programs or development which is needed to maximize the effectiveness of EC leaders.

This book is essential reading for students in Early Childhood courses, Early Years Practitioners and local authority employees involved with the integrated centers initiative.

Carol Aubrey is Professor of Early Childhood Studies at the University of Warwick and UK editor of Journal of Early Childhood Research.

Introduction: Theorizing Leadership in Early Childhood
The Early Childhood Leaders' Agenda

What Do We Know Already?

What Leadership Research Applies?

What Do We Need to Know?

Leadership in English Early Childhood Education and Care
Our Objectives

What We Asked Our Early Childhood Professionals about Leadership

What We Found Out

What We Made of the Findings

Practitioners' Understandings of Early Childhood Leadership
Characteristics of the Leaders and Staff That We Talked to

Definitions and Perceptions of Leadership

Roles, Responsibilities and Functions of Leaders


Internal and External Influences on Leadership


Leadership in a Changing World

Early Childhood Leaders' Work
A Typical Day

Roles, Responsibilities and Functions


Influences on Leadership


Collective Views on the Video Highlights

'I Don't Like the Idea of Making a Profit... Exploiting Those on Low Wages'
Early Childhood Education and Care Policy

Early Childhood Profession and Workplace Issues

Making a Profit: The Role of the Private Sector

Preschool Care and Education plc?

Journeys into Leadership
A journey?

Career Paths of Early Childhood Leaders

Support through the Career Cycle

Mentoring as a Leadership Strategy
Learning from Experience

The Nature of Mentoring

Establishing Appropriate Ground Rules

What Does Learning from Day-to-Day Experience Really Mean?

A Framework for Staff Development

Mentoring for the Leader

Future Possibilities

The Challenge of Leading Multi-Agency Teams
Challenges to Collaboration

Questions to Ask

What Do We know about Effective Multi-Agency Working?

Models of Multi-Agency Working

Organization of Professional Groups

Views on Multi-Agency Working from Four Integrated Centres

What we found out

A closer look at the challenges of multi-agency working

Case Studies

Leadership by the Many

Leading in a Time of Change
A Need for Interprofessional Education

Staff Resistance to Change

A Model for Improving the Early Childhood Integrated Centre

Understanding Change

Reflective Practice and Action Learning
Reflective Process of Progressive Problem-Solving

Planning an Action Research Cycle with Integrated Centre Leaders

Doing Action Research in the Early Childhood Field


Revisiting Our Initial Objectives


An excellent book to study the roles of early childhood leaders and the characteristics of different models of leadership in early childhood.

Mrs Jeenal Desai
Humanities and Education, Doncaster University Centre
March 24, 2014

Particularly liked the practitioner's views throughout the text. Ideal reference text as easy to dip in and out of.

Mrs Tanya Richardson
School of Education, Northampton University
March 14, 2014

This book supports those learners who are ready to take the next steps from working in a setting to a more senior leadership and management role. It is recommended reading for the Foundation Degree students in their second year.

Mrs Pamela Egan-Wyer
Teacher Training, Bromley College of FE & HE
October 21, 2013

The book provide practical exercises and reflection opportunities to support students' learning.
It matches one of the module specification for our programme

Ms Kyara Cuningham-Rojas
Education Studies, Croydon College
July 24, 2013

Good focus on reflection. Good chapter on leading through a period of change - essential in Early Years

Mrs Sam Lloyd-Parry
School of Health & Social Care, Coleg Sir Gar
May 1, 2013

Found this book great for supervision and management teaching in the early years

Ms Alison Stevenson
Early Years & Young peole , north west regional college
April 30, 2013

very clear and analytical text which explores many of the current and relevant isssues in leading and managing in early years- particularly in multi agency contexts.

Gill Handley
Please select your department, Please select your institution
April 18, 2013

Provides a valuable focus on evidence and feedback from leaders of integrated centres. I found the chapters on leading in a time of change and reflective practice and action learning particularly useful and relevant to the issues facing today's leaders. The book is clearly written and provides an excellent theoretical basis to debates around developments in integrated services.

Ms Angela Hilton
School of Education, Wolverhampton University
March 25, 2013

A chance for graduate leaders to get to grips with the key themes od leading and managing in the Early Years. Should form part of the graduate leaders library.

Mrs Nikki Fairchild
Childhood Studies : Early Years, Chichester University
February 5, 2013

Good general information about managing and leading in early years - nothing specifically for playworkers so would only suggest as supplemental copy.

Mrs Trish Newstead
early years, Kingston College
October 18, 2012

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