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Leading Your Team to Excellence

Leading Your Team to Excellence
How to Make Quality Decisions

December 1996 | 192 pages | Corwin

"This book is particularly well-organized. It will be an invaluable resource for educators who are interested in leading their teams to excellence."

Ren T. Snyder, Associate Principal
Flowing Wells High School, Tucson, Arizona

This book provides the tools and decision-making skills to help propel your school to excellence. McEwan shows you, step-by-step, how to create and sustain an effective, dynamic, site-based decision-making team at your school. Share the responsibility for leadership and improve the quality of every decision your group makes.

You'll learn how to:   

  • Introduce and nourish the "teaming" concept
  • Create a flexible team structure
  • Master the necessary skills for successful decision making
  • Choose the right group process for each problem-solving situation
  • Unleash the power and productivity in your staff (and yourself)

Begin by building shared values, mutual trust, and teamwork abilities to make working together more productive. Lead your group in developing creative new ideas for solving old problems. Share critical information among group members. Your team will learn to improve and streamline its decision-making process and develop better strategies for dealing with conflict. Your newly empowered site-based management group will share commitment, success, and the realization of a job well done--together. Your quality decision making team can share the benefits with everyone at your school and create your school's future as a real teaching and learning community.

Understanding Decision Making
Group Processes for Building and Sharing Values
Group Processes for Building Teams
Group Processes for Generating Ideas
Group Processes for Sharing Critical Information
Group Processes for Problem Solving
Group Processes for Reaching Consensus
Group Processes for Resolving Conflict
Group Processes for Goal Setting and Planning

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ISBN: 9780803965218