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Making Better Business Decisions

Making Better Business Decisions
Understanding and Improving Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

December 2001 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This book will help you deal with the hundreds of decisions you are faced with every day. It will show you how:

  • The mind processes information
  • Biological, physiological, and psychological factors influence thinking
  • To better prepare yourself to address probable influences on your decisions
  • To unleash the creative potential in your mind

This book distills what behavioral science has discovered related to how people, especially those in business, make decisions. Making Better Business Decisions will enable decision-makers to:

  • Recognize and focus on the truly important decisions that require critical thinking
  • Analyze options more clearly and creatively
  • Reduce decisional time and effort
  • Improve judgement quality

Awareness and application of the material contained within will enable us not only to improve our own decisions, but will also provide the means for us to understand how and why others decide as they do.

Applying rational decisional techniques or intuition can most likely solve our everyday routine, repetitive, and minor problems. As decisions become more important and problems become more difficult, the energy required by critical thinking skills and creative problem solving can improve the quality of our thought processes and increase the likelihood of uncovering optimal solutions.


1. Introduction to Making Better Business Decisions
2. Biological Factors Influencing Decisions
3. Why We Don't Decide as We Should: The Influence of Want
4. Judgmental Biases Influencing Decisions
5. Perceptions of Risk and Decision Making
6. Thinking Critically: How We Know What We Know
7. Thinking Creatively
8. Improving Our Decisions
About the Author

good resource for students that wish to go the extra mile; arguments and main concepts a bit difficult to stand out if read by undergraduate year-2 students; edition would benefit by a more creative layout

Mr Georgios Zifkos
Business Management, York St John University
May 20, 2015

A must read for aspiring managers who have to make strategic decisions. Well written and full of practical tips.

Mr Mohammed Arshad
Training, Calderdale College
May 14, 2015

This book provides interesting and valuable perspectives on how to make better business decisions that benefits the workplace.

Mrs Ilse De Bruin
Training and Development, Erudio Interactive
July 23, 2014

Students found this to be an essential read in helping them to formulate their critical thinking skills in their management activities

Dr Lyn Ashmore
Education & Professional Dvpt, Huddersfield University
July 16, 2010
Key features
    1. Specifically targets business courses
    2. Brief and easy to read
    3. Links theory with practical applications.

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