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Making Schools Work

Making Schools Work

Volume: 7

April 1992 | 208 pages | Corwin
This readable book discusses the very practical management skills that school leaders must master.

The authors tackle some of the most important functions school administrators must perform: building staff and community support, upgrading technology, selecting textbooks, keeping schools safe, operating a quality food service programme and applying sound budgeting techniques.

Fenwick W English
Fostering School Quality with Community and Staff Involvement
Scheduling and Configuring Schools for Achievement
Providing Sound Ancillary Services for Effective Schools
Selecting Instructional Materials That Work and Avoid Censorship Challenges
Assuring a Safe and Orderly School Environment
Planning, Improving, and Maintaining School Facilities
Broadening Computer Technology Functions for Quality Schools
School-Based Budgeting for Cost Efficiency and Educational Effectiveness
Trouble-Shooting Guide

For instructors

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ISBN: 9780803960169