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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems
Harnessing Technologies for Business & Society

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March 2024 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This textbook provides a concise introduction to Management Information Systems. It introduces core concepts in an accessible style and adopts a contemporary approach that reflects the opportunities and challenges faced as businesses and technologies continue to evolve.

Key features:

·       Coverage of key issues including sustainability and green IT, ethics and privacy, smart technologies, corporate social responsibility and big data

·       Definition boxes to consolidate understanding of key terms

·       Illustrative examples to engage and apply theory in the real-world

·       Pause for thought boxes to check understanding and encourage reflection

·       End of chapter case studies to illustrate key topics in practice, encourage critical thinking, application of knowledge and enhance learning

·       Comprehensive online support including PowerPoints, tutor’s guide and testbank of questions

This textbook is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying introductory Management or Business Information Systems courses with no prior knowledge.

Dr Tomayess Issa is a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University, Australia.

Dr Theodora Issa is an academic at The University of Western Australia, Australia.

Dr Sarita Hardin-Ramanan is Head Faculty of IT at Curtin University, Mauritius.

Dr Bilal Abu Salih is a Associate Professor at The University of Jordan, Jordan.

Dr Lydia Maketo is a Lecturer at Curtin University, Australia.

Dr Rohini Balapumi is a Lecturer at Curtin University, Australia.

Dr S. Zaung Nau is a Lecturer at Curtin University, Australia.

Dr Raadila Hajee Ahmud-Boodoo is a Teaching Instructor at Curtin University, Australia.

Part 1: Responsible Management Information Systems
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Management Information Systems
Chapter 2: Project Management and PMBOK
Chapter 3: Ethics, Ethical Mindsets, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Triple Bottom Lineting
Chapter 4: Sustainability, Sustainable Design and Green IT
Part 2: Advances in Digital Information Technology
Chapter 5: Computer Networks and Information Security
Chapter 6: Mobile Technologies
Chapter 7: Social Computing and Social Commerce
Chapter 8: Smart Technologies
Part 3: Knowledge and Data Management Technologies
Chapter 9: Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs
Chapter 10: Data Analytics
Chapter 11: Emerging Technologies in the Digital Age: Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain

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