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Managing a Modern Hospital

Managing a Modern Hospital

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • A V Srinivasan - Director, Corporate Planner, Indian Network, Hyderabad

June 2008 | 396 pages | SAGE Response
The revised and updated second edition of Managing a Modern Hospital contains a judiciously compiled collection of writings on modern hospital management. The book is a fitting response to the compelling need for incorporating professionalism and better resource management in hospital administration to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness in health care in India.

Health care has become one of the fastest growing sectors in India over the past decade. This book contains two new chapters, Customer Relationship Management, and Computer-aided Diagnosis, which highlight recent developments in the field in the last seven years. It spans a wide range of issues in modern hospital management, including:
- Waste management
- Financial management
- Maintaining medical records
- Medical audits
- Managing human resources
- Quality certification

A repository of valuable insight and information on setting up and running a modern-day hospital efficiently and as an economically viable business, the book can serve as basic text and supplementary reading for courses in hospital management. It will also be of interest to hospital administrators in government and private health care institutions, directors of nursing homes, medical practitioners involved with hospital administration as well as entrepreneurs in the health care business, consultants and researchers.

Prathap C Reddy
A V Srinivasan
Health Care in India - A Profile and the Future
K B Subba Rao
Planning a Modern Hospital
S F Chandra Sekhar
Hospital Organisation Structure
P Jangaiah
Financial Management for Hospitals
S F Chandra Sekhar
Human Resource Management in Hospitals
V Venkat Reddy
Hospital Materials Management
A V Srinivasan
Hospital Stores Organisation and Pharmacy
A V Srinivasan
Selective Systems of Materials Management in a Hospital - Case Illustration
K P Kumar
MBASIC System for Effective Drug Management
Pooja Elizabeth George
Customer Experience Management - A Marketing Initiative
Mamta Edwards
Medical Records
K N Gaur
Operations Research in Hospitals
Jeet Patwari
Computer Aided Diagnosis - Expert Systems
Homi Mehta
Hospital Waste Management
U V N Das
Patient Relations in Hospitals
N Rajaram and Swati Pandey
Medical Audit and its Administration
K Prabakar
Hospitals and ISO 9002 Certification
A V Srinivasan
ISO 9002 Certification for a Hospital - An Illustrative Case

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