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Managing the Curriculum

Managing the Curriculum

First Edition
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July 2001 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Managing the Curriculum explores many of the new aspects of the core business of schools and colleges, i.e. the curriculum.

Keeping the focus clearly on learning and teaching, David Middlewood and Neil Burton explore the practical issues for managers at institutional level, within the context of their need to understand and analyze key educational values and principles.

Part one presents overviews of theories and models of curriculum, while Part two examines how these are applied through planning, monitoring and evaluating.

Part three explores in detail the various managerial roles within schools and colleges from leaders to those responsible for cross-curriculum work and special educational needs.

Part four discusses the importance of effectively managing resources for the curriculum - the environment, support staff and finance.

The contributors use empirical research evidence to analyze current curriculum trends whilst proposing various new models which are likely to emerge in the twenty-first century.

Jacky Lumby
Framing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
Neil Burton and David Middlewood, with Roy Blatchford
Models of Curriculum Organization
Peter Silcock and Mark Brundrett
The Management Consequences of Different Models of Teaching and Learning
Neil Burton
Managing the Planning of Learning and Teaching
Brian Hardie
Managing Monitoring of the Curriculum
Margaret Preedy
Curriculum Evaluation
Measuring What We Value

David Middlewood
Leadership of the Curriculum
Setting the Vision

Christine Wise and Hugh Busher
The Subject Leader
Les Bell
Cross-Curriculum Co-Ordination
Daniela Sommefeldt
Meeting Individual Needs within an Inclusive Curriculum
Ann R J Briggs
Managing the Learning Environment
David Middlewood and Richard Parker
Managing Curriculum Support Staff for Effective Learning
Ann R J Briggs and Neil Burton
The Managment Resources for Learning

`Each chapter in the book is firmly rooted in research and is well referenced as one would expect of such a book. It will be of particular use to people with an academic interest in this aspect of school management but will also be thought provoking for those who are involved in the development of the curriculum within their institution' - escalate

"Gwen Doty has written a practical, usable, and timely book on a subject that can have tremendous impact on student achievement. Well worth the reading!" 

Donna Walker Tileston
Author, Ten Best Teaching Practices

"Timely and very relevant to classroom teachers and those training to be in the field." 

Anita Perry, Title I Teacher
Leominster, MA

There was some good feedback about how to develop and evaluate curriculum in this book.

Mr Adam Brown
Sport, Leeds City College
March 9, 2014

a useful text to supplement initial teacher training students' knowledge of a complex and rapidly changing subject area.

Mr Martin Williams
School of Education (Caerleon), University of Wales, Newport
May 14, 2012

This is a must read book for all curriculum managers both new and experienced. Readers in Education will learn a lot from this text.

Dr Seidu Salifu
Teacher Training, NESCOT
October 12, 2011

Focuses on the learning and teaching, explores the theories and models of curriculum. Authors analise current trends and propose new models for the future.

Mr Noel Ronan
Culinary Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
August 30, 2011

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