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Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Concepts and Applications for New Ventures

Third Edition

September 2021 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Marketing for Entrepreneurs provides students with practical insights, strategies, and tips on how to apply marketing concepts to increase the chances of new venture success. Author Frederick G. Crane focuses on how readers can use marketing to find the right opportunity, develop valuable new products and services, and create memorable brands. He walks students through teach phase of the marketing process. Packed with help tips and profiles of successful entrepreneurs, this practical text includes the tools readers need to launch and sustain successful ventures. The new Third Edition includes a new chapter on social media marketing, new examples and profiles, and new coverage of timely topics such as user experience research, data analytics, MVPs, surge pricing, and just-in-time inventory.

Chapter 1: Marketing in an Entrepreneurial Context
Chapter 2: Finding and Evaluating the Right Marketing Opportunity
Chapter 3: Using Marketing Research to Ensure Entrepreneurial Success
Chapter 4: Understanding Customers and Competitors
Chapter 5: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Chapter 6: Developing New Products and Services
Chapter 7: Building and Sustaining the Entrepreneurial Brand
Chapter 8: Entrepreneurial Pricing
Chapter 9: Entrepreneurial Channel Development and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 10: Entrepreneurial Promotion: Doing More With Less!
Chapter 11: Social Media and Entrepreneurial Marketing
Chapter 12: The Entrepreneurial Marketing Plan
Appendix A: Sample Entrepreneurial Marketing Plan
Key features
New to this Edition:
  • New Learning Objectives guide students through each chapter's main topics
  • New Chapter on Social Media provides an overview of get social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok
  • New coverage of timely topics  such as user experience research, data analytics, MVPs, surge pricing, and just-in-time inventory, 

Key Features
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing Spotlights profile successful new ventures using innovative marketing tactics 
  • Entrepreneurial Exercises provide readers with the opportunity to apply what they have learned
  • Sample Marketing Plan illustrates how all the chapter concepts can be used to create a comprehensive new venture marketing roadmap

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ISBN: 9781483391342