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Marketing Management

Marketing Management
A Customer-Centric Approach

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December 2024 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This textbook introduces students to the field of marketing management by emphasizing a customer-centric approach, which involves defining the purpose of marketing as the recruitment, defence, leverage, and development of customer/brand relationships. Because customers vary in their needs for products and services and their relationships with brands, you'll discover how segmentation and differentiation play a crucial role in marketing management.

After delving into market dynamics, customer behaviour, and market communications, you'll explore the three main areas within marketing management: customer portfolio management, product portfolio management, and brand portfolio management. Finally, you'll gain insights into developing marketing/business strategies and plans for success through comprehensive analysis, resource allocation, budgeting, and measuring key performance indicators.

Features include case studies to bring theory to life, further reading suggestions to expand your understanding, and a marketing planning template to practice applying your knowledge to a real business scenario. Suitable for undergraduate/bachelor and postgraduate students studying Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing.

Fred Selnes is a professor of marketing at BI, Norwegian Business School.
Even Lanseng is an associate professor of marketing at BI, Norwegian Business School.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Marketing Management
Chapter 2 Competitive Dynamics
Chapter 3 Customer Behavior
Chapter 4 Marketing Communication
Chapter 5 Customer Portfolio Management
Chapter 6 Product Category Management
Chapter 7 Brand Management
Chapter 8 Developing the Strategic Marketing Plan

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