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An Introduction

Fourth Edition
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August 2017 | 560 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Previous edition winner of the British Book Design and Production Award for "Best Use of Cross Media 2014"

This easy to use resource allows students to switch from digital to the print text and back again, opening windows to the world of marketing through cases that are vibrant and engaged, links that allow students to explore topics in more detail and content to encourage relating theory to practice.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing technological and social developments and the increasing connectedness of consumers that has profound implications for the way marketing operates and students learn, the 4th edition demystifies key technologies and terminology, demonstrating where and how emerging digital marketing techniques and tools fit in to contemporary marketing planning and practice.  

The new edition welcomes a new 3rd author and has been fully updated to include:

  • 31 New case studies (including 5 new end of chapter and 26 new ‘focus boxes’), featuring a greater number of case studies from digital/social media marketing, Uber and the sharing economy, Google and crowdsourcing and Amazon’s drone delivery service.
  • Even more content on digital marketing integrated throughout, including key issues such as social media, mobile marketing, co-creation, cutting edge theory.
  • A fully updated and streamlined interactive eBook led by student feedback.

Focus boxes throughout the text such as Global, Consumer, B2B and Ethical - all with a greater emphasis on digital communication - reinforce key marketing trends and relate theory to practice. Each chapter also ends with a case study revolving around topics, issues and companies that students can relate to such as Taylor Swift taking on Spotify.

The new edition comes packed with features that can be used in class or uploaded onto a course management system and which students can use in their own self-directed study.

Furthermore, the book is complemented by a FREE interactive eBook with access to web links, video links, SAGE journal articles, MCQ’s, podcasts and flashcards, allowing access on the go and encouraging learning and retention whatever the learning style.

Suitable as core reading for undergraduate marketing students.

*Interactivity only available through the eBook included as part of paperback product (ISBN 9781526426321).
Access not guaranteed on second-hand copies (as access code may have previously been redeemed).

Chapter 1: Marketing Today
Chapter 2: The Marketing Environment
Chapter 3: Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 4: Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Chapter 5: Marketing Research
Chapter 6: Product
Chapter 7: Service Products
Chapter 8: Promotion (Marketing Communications)
Chapter 9: Place
Chapter 10: Price
Chapter 11: Building Brands: Using the Marketing Mix
Chapter 12: Marketing Planning


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For lecturers:
  • Instructors' manual
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Test bank of questions

For students:

  • Practice MCQs
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Videos to enhance understanding of key concepts and provoke in-class discussion
  • Websites and access templates to help guide study
  • A podcast series where recent graduates and marketing professionals talk about the day-to-day of marketing and specific marketing concepts, as well as graduate employment

An excellent introduction to all the key aspects of marketing. The new edition addresses many of the latest trends and incorporates a rich variety of real-life examples to really engage the student.

Mohammed Hanif-Patel
Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University

Excellent examples, activities and links to academic research, which provides the perfect introduction to marketing for undergraduate students and will continue to be useful throughout their programme of study.

Charlotte Lystor
Lecturer, Winchester Unviersity

Cleverly organized in short bursts of information, which suit modern students' needs. It is well-supported by various examples and specialist features highlighting key marketing theory and practice.

Riccardo Benzo
Associate Lecturer, Birkbeck College, University of London

An engaging and intuitive book to guide students through the marketing world. Not only does it present key principles in a clear way, but it provides examples to improve knowledge acquisition as well. The succinctness of this book made exam revision much easier.

G Warwaszynska
First Year Student, International Marketing & Business

This book is easy to read and revise from due to the use of colour and images. It also usefully guides you to wider reading around topics, through the research focus boxes which can help you with essays!

E Stevens
First Year Student - Advertising and Marketing Communications

Coherent, easy to navigate and engaging; all the right words which sum up this latest edition. My favourite element of the book is the revision questions and case studies at the end of each chapter, making troublesome revision a thing of the past.

M Chaggar
First Year Student - Marketing

A beautifully engaging book, with the ability to help all types of learners gain academic knowledge with ease.

C Singleton
First Year Student - International Business & Marketing

A very useful reference book (could be a core/primary textbook) with well-structured presentation, diagrams etc. Attractive and accessible with varied examples and applications.

Professor Colin McCulloch
International Finance and Management, Pyongyang University of Science And Technology
December 23, 2017

Interactive marketing textbook for any marketing student wanting to understand the key marketing principles. Very easy to read, and engaging with several activities that would help students not only to understand the theoretical principles but also to learn how apply it in practice. well researched, relevant case studies, and appropriate activities make this textbook a very good choice for marketing students.

Magdalena Gonzalez Triay
Gloucestershire Business School, Gloucestershire University
March 28, 2017