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Mediated Messages and African-American Culture

Mediated Messages and African-American Culture
Contemporary Issues

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February 1996 | 318 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Images of African Americans in our culture abound--on television, in films, on the radio, and in newsprint. Whether in works by African Americans--most notably popular music, film, and to a growing degree, television programs--or works about African Americans from documentaries to news coverage--strong images pervade our public consciousness. Mediated Messages and African American Culture is the first book to examine these images and messages as a whole. Bringing together works by leading scholars, this collection examines such vital topics as the relationship between black men and the police, the state of the African American press, and the perpetuation of images of African Americans as poor, violent, and undereducated. Timely case studies and the combination of theory and practice make this text both up-to-date and thorough in its analysis of the image and portrayal of African Americans in the media. Mediated Messages and African American Culture will be of great interest to students who study popular culture, black popular culture, African American history, and the media. The book's critical discussion about the treatment of African Americans in the media is unique in its coverage and depth.

Venise T Berry
Racialism and the Media

William A Harris
Cultural Engineering and the Films of Spike Lee
Ruth Elizabeth Burks
Intimations of Invisibility
Black Women in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

Jacquie Jones
The New Ghetto Aesthetic
Oscar H Gandy Jr
If It Weren't for Bad Luck
Framing Stories of Racially Comparative Risk

Jyotika Ramaprasad
How Four Newspapers Covered the 1992 Los Angeles `Riots'
Reginald Owens
Entering the Twenty-First Century
Oppression and the African-American Press

Carmen L Manning-Miller
Carol Moseley-Braun
Black Women's Political Images in the Media

Herman Gray
Television, Black Americans, and the American Dream
Sharon Bramlett-Solomon and Tricia M Farwell
Sex on the Soaps
An Analysis of Black, White, and Interracial Couple Intimacy

Eddith A Dashiell
Broadcast TV News Coverage of the O J Simpson Murder Case
Racist or Starstruck?

Karen M Smith
Advertising Discourse and the Marketing of I'll Fly Away
Alice A Tait and John T Barber
Black Entertainment Television
Breaking New Ground and Accepting New Responsibilities?

Sharon Albert-Honore
Empowering Voices
KUCB and Black Liberation Radio

Phylis Johnson and Thomas A Birk
`Pride and Profit' in Black Radio Promotions
Celebrating Family Days and Business Partnerships

Portia K Maultsby
Music in African-American Culture
Venise T Berry and Harold Looney Jr
Rap Music, Black Men, and the Police

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