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Mobilizing the Community

Mobilizing the Community
Local Politics in the Era of the Global City

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Volume: 41

September 1993 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In an era of global transition, contemporary grassroots organizing represents the dominant form of resistance available to people who seek to control their lives. It is the basis for restoring public life, empowering individuals and communities, and challenging the state and the capital. Through empirically based case studies and theoretical essays, Mobilizing the Community discusses strategies, tactics, ideology, and leadership often used in grassroots mobilization. It covers citizen initiatives, ethnic self-help organizations, community-based development and service delivery programs, political lobbying and advocacy efforts, political party building, and direct action protest groups. The empowerment of various groups--middle-class suburbanites, the poor, women, gay men, lesbian women, communists, neopopulists, workers, immigrants, hispanics, and blacks--is addressed. This comprehensive volume provides powerful suggestions to scholars, practitioners, and analysts of urban studies and political science, as well as activists. "This is a very useful volume. Its emphasis on the process of community organizing leads to a focus on tactics, strategy, resource acquisition and alliance formation. This compliments the more usual survey studies of movement participants which tend to be static and give equal weight to each individual." --Housing Studies

Robert Fisher and Joseph Kling
The Continued Vitality of Community Mobilization  
Robert Fisher
Grassroots Organizing Worldwide
Common Origins, Historical Roots, and the Tension between Democracy and the State  
Joseph Kling
Complex Society/Complex Cities
New Social Movements and the Restructuring of Urban Space  
Norman Fainstein and Susan S Fainstein
Participation in New York and London
Community and Market Under Capitalism  
Sally A Marston and George Towers
Private Spaces and the Politics of Places
Spatio-Economic Restructuring and Community Organizing in Tucson and El Paso  
Gary Delgado
Building Multiracial Alliances
The Case of People United for a Better Oakland  
Ann Withorn and Betty Mandell
Keep on Keeping On
Organizing for Welfare Rights in Massachusetts  
Margit Mayer
The Career of Urban Social Movements in West Germany
Matthew Zachariah
The Silent Valley (Kerala, India) Dam Abandonment
A Case of Successful Community Mobilization  
Sonia E Alvarez
`Deepening' Democracy
Social Movement Networks, Constitutional Reform, and Radical Urban Regimes in Contemporary Brazil  
Judith Allen
Friends and Neighbors
Knowledge and Campaigning in London  
Valerie Lehr
The Difficulty of Leaving `Home'
Gay and Lesbian Organizing to Confront AIDS  
Sophie Body-Gendrot
Pioneering Muslim Women in France
Barbara Epstein
The Bay Area Movement Against the Gulf War
Robert Fisher and Joseph Kling
Prospects and Strategies for Mobilization in the Era of Global Cities  

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