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Money Matters

Money Matters
Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

September 2011 | 204 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Money Matters is a comprehensive guide to the basic principles of macroeconomics. It provides a nuanced yet in-depth understanding of the linkages between financial markets and the real economy.

The book covers a wide range of topics integral to both the Indian and the global economies. Beginning with a basic theoretical discussion on macroeconomics, it eases the reader into the exploration of the more advanced concepts.

Some of the important concepts discussed in the book are:

  • Fundamentals of Macroeconomics, money market, goods and services market.
  • Reserve Bank of India, money creation, supply and demand, interest rate determination, inflation and unemployment, etc.
  • International trade and foreign exchange.
  • Subprime mortgage crisis, global economic crisis and impact on India.

Written in a lucid and jargon-free manner, the text helps the reader understand the linkages between the theoretical aspects of financial markets and the actual economic developments across the globe.

Economic Context of Business Activity  
Market Forces  
What is Macroeconomics?  
Goods and Services Market  
Money Market  
Inflation and Value of Money  
International Trade  
Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, and GDP  
Aggregate Demand and Supply  
Subprime Mortgage Crisis  

An informative and fluent read for the managers trying to develop a quick perspective on macroeconomic issues of contemporary interest. The present volume is a commendable effort by the author and would be useful to Indian managers with a non-economic background. The book quite efficiently explains the basic concepts graphically; leading to clarity of understanding…every chapter generally includes an Indian perspective, which enables the reader to link the theoretical perspective with practical experiences.

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