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More Write Dance

More Write Dance

SAGE Publications Ltd
'The WriteDance materials are wonderfully done. After meeting with Ragnhild a few years ago, I have been using many of these principles in my work with children. The methods definitely work and are definitely needed by today's kids' - Delina Robair, Developmental Child Specialist, USA

This CD accompanies the More Write Dance book and video.

Since the launch of Write Dance in UK primary schools, five very successful years have passed and now teachers are asking, "What can we do next?"

More Write Dance provides even more resources and teaching materials on this lively, exciting and tremendously fun approach to developing prewriting and writing skills. The theory and the philosophy are explained in much greater depth, and more music, instructions and illustrations are provided to guide and inform teachers and children on how to move and 'move-draw' to refine and to develop their movements and their drawings to achieve fluent letter strings, with ease and speed.

The Write Dance principles of raising children's awareness of their own emotions in order to be more confident to express themselves comfortably still apply.

The book is suitable for those new to the approach as well as those already familiar with it.