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Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment
A Model for Community Planning

Volume: 14

September 1981 | 108 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Community-Oriented Needs Assessment (CONA) model presented by the authors demonstrates that effective two-way communication between providers of human services and the community is necessary for effective and efficient social services. The (CONA) model uses data from demographic/statistical profiles, key informants, and random community members to define needed services, to develop programs, to enhance interagency cooperation, and to improve accountability. The authors both outline the logic behind the use of this model and sketch a step-by-step approach for developing the model for use in a variety of settings.

Chapter 1: A Human Services Planning Model
Chapter 2: Preassesment Activities
Chapter 3: Interviewing Procedures
Chapter 4: Data Collection and Analysis
Chapter 5: Intra-AgencyUtilization of Needs Assesment Data
Chapter 6: Systems Planning and Needs Assesment

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ISBN: 9780803913967