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Cultivate negotiation skills with the latest theory and research, plus opportunities for practice!

"A great overview of what it takes to excel as a negotiator."— Nicholas J. Chabra, Pfeiffer University

This book provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental components of the negotiation process and the challenges that face negotiators. It contains, in a single volume, text material on current theory and research, readings from diverse perspectives, cases that demonstrate how negotiation has been effectively or ineffectively applied in practice, role-playing exercises that enable students to hone their skills, and questionnaires that assess personal qualities that can influence negotiation processes and outcomes.

Part 1: The Fundamentals
The Nature of Negotiation: What it is and Why it Matters
Preparation: Building the Foundation for Negotiating
Distributive Bargaining: A Strategy for Claiming Value
Integrative Bargaining: A Strategy for Creating Value
Closing Deals: Persuading the Other Party to Say Yes
Part 2: Special Challenges
Communication : The Heart of All Negotiations
Decision Making: Are We Truly Rational Beings?
Power & influence: Changing others’ attitudes and behaviors
Ethics: Right and Wrong Do Exist when you Negotiate
Multiparty Negotiations: Managing the Additional Complexity
Individual Differences
International Negotiations
Difficult Negotiations
Third-Party Intervention: Recourse When Negotiations Sputter or Fail?


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The website provides password-protected instructor resources, a test bank, PowerPoint slides, role-playing exercises, and course syllabi. Student Study Site: Open-access student resources on the site include web quizzes, full-text SAGE journal articles, flashcards, and video links.
Student Study Site
Open-access student resources on the site include web quizzes, full-text SAGE journal articles, flashcards, and video links.

A great overview of what it takes to excel as a negotiator.

Nicholas J. Chabra
Pfeiffer University

clear, well organized coverage of negotiation process and related issues

Barry Nocks
Clemson University

Very insightful, engaging, theoretically, grounded, practically focused, and invaluable to applying concrete solutions do negotiation challenges

Dr. Cephas Lerewonu

Detailed and useful strategies given that are able to be applied to conflict management programmes we deliver

Mrs Karen Gray
Teacher Education, Simply-Training
September 19, 2016

Well laid out for student understanding. Content aligns well with teaching of course.

Mr Gary Nichols
Management Dept, University Of Central Florida
August 12, 2014

Loved the completeness and comprehensiveness. Case studies, readings, all included in a single textbook.

Mr Dave Wertheim
School of Professional Studies, William Jessup University
August 21, 2013

A one stop book for professionals and students on the art of negotiation.

Mr Faturoti Bukola
Law, Robert Gordon University
June 18, 2013

This book is a little complex for my needs. It is very wide ranging in scope with significant detail. It provides frequent examples and materials for further study. Specific learning points are provided clearly and effectively - overall however, it provides much detail than my students would need for this programme where an introductory or practical guide would be more suited. Some interesting questionnaires are included.

Mr Peter Hammond
business, University of Teesside
May 28, 2013

This is well structured, clearly written book. It contains valuable insights to develop skills in negotiation and to understand the topic at postgraduate level.

Dr Javier Marcos
Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University
April 10, 2013

This is a very good book for anybody wanting to learn negotiation. I would have rated it more if more time was spent preparing good practical examples (e.g. should be some role plays, video records, scripts etc) to help develop skills through simulations.

Dr Chahid Fourali
London Metropolitan Business School, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
March 2, 2013
Key features

Key Features

  • Includes Negotiation in Action vignettes in each chapter, bringing the content to life through vivid illustrations of the negotiation process
  • Provides two readings per chapter, with critical thinking questions to help students relate the content to their own experiences
  • Offers end of chapter Conclusion and Implications for Practice sections, providing behavioral and tactical suggestions for applying the chapter material
  • Includes five full-length cases, demonstrating important interrelationships among the various components of the negotiation process and how they are applied in practice
  • Provides self-assessment questionnaires, enabling readers to analyze and understand their negotiation abilities
  • Offers broad-ranging and international perspectives, integrating real-world insight from managers in industry and government, and from countries throughout the world

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