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The Communication Playbook - Interactive eBook

The Communication Playbook - Interactive eBook

February 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc

“The best communication textbook I’ve seen.”

—Sean McPherson, Massachusetts Maritime Academy 

Skills for becoming clear communicators, confident speakers, and sharp thinkers.

Designed for today’s active learners, The Communication Playbook moves students beyond the classroom by helping them develop a strong communication skillset that will benefit them throughout their lives. With a focus on effective communication skills and career success, bestselling authors Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael K. Gamble give students clear explanations of core concepts followed by practical learning activities—encouraging students to think critically about why good communication is important and how the concepts can be applied to today’s classroom, workplace, and community. Perfect for the hybrid communication course with coverage of public speaking, this concise text has been strategically separated into tabbed chapters—making it easier for readers to navigate, digest, revisit, and review the content. As good communication is the foundation of everyday life, The Communication Playbook primes students for success in both their courses and their careers.

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1. Start Right Here
What is Communication Presense?

Skill Builder: Wi-Fi ME (It's Not a Question)

What is Communication?

Skill Builder: Communication Self-Assessment and Future Me

Essentials of Communication

Visualizing the Communication Process in Action

How Good a Communicator Are You?

Exploring Diversity: Focus on Hate

Why Do We Communicate?

Career Builder: Professional Challenges and Future Me

Communication Skills: Practice Effective Communication

2. Having Communication Presence in a Multicultural Society and World
Cultures' Many Faces

What Happened to the Melting Pot

Culture and Communication

Cultures within Cultures

Ethics and Communication: Through Others' Eyes

Career Builder: Gen-You and Future Me

Skill Builder: Assessing Ethnocentrism versus Cultural Relativism

Dimensions of Culture in Action

Exploring Diversity: Understanding Other Cultures [eBook Only]

Technology and Community

Communication Skills: Practice Communicating Interculturally

3. The "I" Behind the Eye: Perception and the Self
Perception of the Self, Others, and Experience

Perceiving the "I" Affects Perception of You

The Connection between Self-Concept and Behavior

Skill Builder: Me, You, and Popular and Social Media

Factors Affecting Self-Concept and Our Outlook

Ethics & Communication: Combatting Stigma, Stereotypes, and Prejudice

How to Enhance Self-Awareness

Skill Builder: Symbolizing the Self

Career Builder: Work Places and Faces

Barriers to Perceiving Yourself and Others Clearly

Skill Builder: Can Future Me Be Stereotype Free? [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: Assessing the Nature of Fact-Interference Confusions [eBook Only]

Gender, Self-Concept, and Perception

Culture, Self-Concept, and Perception

Exploring Diversity: Assessing Your Preference for "I" versus "We"

Self-Concept, Perception, and Technology

Communication Skills: Practice Improving Perception of the Self and Others

4. Communicating with Words: Helping Minds Meet
Language Is Alive: We Use Words to Share Meaning

Problems with the Communication of Meaning

Ethics and Communication: Looking at Language [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: A Time Capsule for Words

Barriers to Understanding: Patterns of Misccommunication

Career Builder: "The Name Game"

Skill Builder: Political Correctness and Free Speech

Culture and Language

Gender and Language

Ethics and Communication: The Words We Choose

Ethics and Communication: More Words We Choose [eBook Only]

Words and Power

Profanity and Obscenity

Technology and Language Use

Communication Skills: Practice Thinking Critically about Language Use

5. Nonverbal Messages Speak
Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication

Skill Builder: Nonverbal Self-Assessment [eBook Only]

Functions of Nonverbal Communication

Types of Nonverbal Communication

Career Builder: The Ethics of Achieving Status

Skill Builder: Assessing Your Use of Time

Skill Builder: Assess Your General Knowledge of Nonverbal Cues [eBook Only]

Truth, Deception, and Nonverbal Cues

Gender and Nonverbal Behavior

Culture and Nonverbal Behavior

Technology and Nonverbal Communication

Skill-Builder: Assessing Your Virtual Presence

Communication Skills: Practice Using and Observing Nonverbal Cues

6. Listening, Feedback, and Critical Thinking
Listening and Communication

Types of Listening

The Stages of Listening: More than meets the Ear

More on the Ethics of Listening: Identifying Problem Behaviors

Ethics and Communication: Talk, Talk, Talk

Responding with Feedback

Skill Builder: Looking at Faulty Listening and Future Me

Career-Builder: Cultural Implications of Feedback

Skill Builder: "I" Not "You, Plus Future Me" [eBook Only]

The Importance of Critical Thinking

Gender and Listening Style

Ethics and Communication: Would You Ask for and Listen to Directions?

Cultural Influences on Listening

Technology's Influence on Listening and Critical Thinking

Skill Builder: Listening Gains and Losses [eBook Only]

Exploring Diversity: Questions for Global Listeners [eBook Only]

Communication Skills: Practice Listening Skills

7. Understanding Relationships
What Is an Interpersonal Relationship?

Skill Builder: A Self-Assessment of My Relationships

Conversing: Connecting through Interpersonal Dialogue

Career Builder: The Grapevine and the Gossip Mill

Relationships Differ in Breadth and Depth

Analyzing Relationships

Lying, Trust, and Relationships

Ethics and Communication: Self/Other Reflection

Laughter as Interpersonal Tool

Gender and Relationships

Culture and Relationships

More on Technology and Relationships

Communication Skills: Practice Improving Interpersonal Relationships

8. Person to Person: Handling Emotions and Conflict
Five Factors Contributing to Relationship Interest

Understanding the Uncertainty Factor

Types of Relationships

Skill Builder: My Family Network

Career Builder: What Attitude Do You Bring to Work?

Emotions and Relationships

Skill Builder: The Expression of Angry Feelings

Skill Builder: More Expression of Angry Feelings [eBook Only]

Ethics and Communication: Rx for Emotional Contagion

Expressing and Sharing Feelings

Experiencing Relational Conflict

Skill Builder: Assessing My Conflict-Handling Abilities [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: Assessing My Verbal Aggressiveness and Future Me [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: Assessing Past Conflict Producing Situations and Future Me [eBook Only]

Technology, Relationships, and the Communication of Emotion

Ethics and Communication: Computing Relationship Stats

Communication Skills: Practice Handling Feelings Effectively

9. Team Work: Strategies for Decision Making and Problem Solving
Groups, Teams, and You

Characteristics and Components of Groups

Using Groups to Make Decisions and Solve Problems

Ethics and Communication: Golden Rules of Decision Making

Understanding the Roles Group Members Play

Understanding Group Member Relationships

Decision-Making in Groups: Reaching Goals

Exploring Diversity: Group Polarization

Gender, Culture, Technology and Group Interaction

Career Builder: What Can We Learn from Online Speak?

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Improving Group Communication

10. Leading Others and Resolving Conflict
Approaches to Leadership: The Leader in You

Career Builder: Shakespeare, Pop Culture, and Leadership Lessons

Theories of Leadership

Leading the Way through Conflict Management

Skill Builder: Conflict Self-Assessment [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: What Kind of Thinker Are You?

The Influence of Gender, Culture, and Technology on Leadership and Conflict Management

Exploring Diversity: Which Cultural Differences Affect a Group's Functioning? [eBook Only]

Ethics and Communication: My Way or the Highway

Exploring Diversity: Win-Win

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Ethical Conflict Management

11. Public Speaking and You
Building Public Speaking Confidence

Career Builder: TED's Got Talent

Skill Builder: Self-Assessment of Speaking Anxiousness

Skill Builder: Tense and Relax [eBook Only]

Approaching Speech Making Systematically: A Primer for Giving Your First Speech

Analyze Yourself

Analyze Your Audience

Ethics and Communication: The Magic Bullet of Speech Making

Analyze the Occasion

Select Your Topic

Narrow the Topic and Clarify Your Purpose

Skill Builder: Topic Cone [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: Score Your Subject

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Improving Speech Preparation

12. Researching, Supporting, and Outlining Your Speech
Research Your Topic

Career Builder: What Do They Know?

Select the Best Support Possible

Skill-Builder: Reliable Sources & Support

Linear and Configural Formats

Skill Builder: Speaker's Choice [eBook Only]

Ethics and Communication: Sound Bites with Bite

Exploring Diversity: Is Attention Cultural?

Outlining Your Speech: Building a Speaking Framework

Beginnings and Endings

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Speech Design and Organization

13. Using Presentation Aids and Delivering Your Speech
Selecting and Preparing Presentation Aids

Ethics and Communication: Visually Speaking

Skill-Builder: Evaluating a PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing to Speak

Career Builder: Can You Make It Bite-Size?


Exploring Diversity: Culture and Delivery [eBook Only]

Presenting: Keys to Remember

Beyond the Presentation: Assessing Your Effectiveness

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Evaluating Your Speech

14. Informative Speaking
Sharing and Conceptualizing Information

Types of Informative Presentations

Ethics and Communication: What Can You Do to Handle the Glut of Information?

Career Builder: Assessing the Effects of Information Overload

Exploring Diversity: Conveying Information to Diverse Audiences [eBook Only]

Skill Builder: Assessing an Informative Speech

Guidelines for Informative Speakers

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Achieving Informative Speaking Goals

15. Persuasive Speaking
The Purpose of Persuasion

Types of Persuasive Speeches

Exploring Diversity: Persuasion and Assumed Similarity [eBook Only]

Understanding Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Persuading Responsibly, Strategically, and Credibly

Ethics and Communication: Big and Little Lies

Career Builder: Building My Persuasive Credibility in My Community [eBook Only]

Guidelines for Persuading Effectively

Skill Builder: Climbing the Motivation Pyramid [eBook Only]

Career Builder: Fact Checking Pinocchio at Work and in Public Life

Communication Skills: Achieving Persuasive Speaking Goals

The Employment Interview: Beyond Casual Communication

Career Builder: What Piques Interest in a Career?

Securing the Interview: Tools and Tasks

Ethics & Communication: Resume Passing and Poaching

Conducting an Interview

Skill Builder: Wake-Up Calls and Future Me

Skill Builder: Let's Get Tough [eBook Only]

Impression Management and Interviewee Presence

Exploring Diversity: Voices and Impression Management

Looking at the Law: Illegal Interview Questions

Diversity, Technology, and the Interview

Communication Skills: Practice Tips for Effective Interviewing

Key features
  • “Skill-Builders” learning activities empower students to practice and improve their communication skills by placing students in everyday situations, encouraging students to assess their own and others’ face-to-face and digital communication practices, and offering strategies that students can practice to communicate more effectively.
  • “Career-Builders” exercises and checklists connect communication skills to careers success by providing insights into the types of skills employers seek such as the ability to speak so that others listen, listen when others speak, adapt to differences in cultural perspectives, handle conflicts and solve problems, and make sound decisions. 
  • “Exploring Diversity” activities encourage students to think critically about how different cultures and genders communicate and puts these differences into context so students develop a more global perspective.
  • “Ethics and Communication” discussions help students define for themselves the meaning of “ethical communication” by guiding them through various ethical quandaries that question the moral principles, values, and beliefs of society.
  • SAGE coursepacks allows instructors to import high-quality content into their school’s learning management system (LMS) with no access codes.
  • SAGE edge provides students helpful tools, including eFlashcards, practice quizzes, a customizable action plan, and more, in one easy-to-use online environment.
  • SAGE course outcomes are crafted with specific course outcomes in mind and vetted by advisors in the field. By clearly defining and benchmarking the knowledge and skills students are expected to achieve upon completion of your course, SAGE course outcomes help you track and measure student success. See how outcomes tie in with this book’s chapter-level objectives.




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