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Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication
An Applied Approach

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July 2020 | 236 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Nonverbal Communication: An Applied Approach teaches students the fundamentals of nonverbal communication in a way that helps them see the connections between the principles they learn and the everyday communication they perform and interpret. Nonverbal Communication: An Applied Approach 1st Edition has taken a narrative style and applied approach that is informed by the important theories and research-driven knowledge of this interdisciplinary area of study. Jonathan M. Bowman's approach encourages students to understand the relevancy of nonverbal codes right away, instead of waiting until the second half of the course to explore applications. Bowman also brings in a unique focus on diversity and social justice, demonstrating how nonverbal communication shapes and molds how we interact in a diverse society.

Nonverbal Communication Origins
Nonverbal Communication Features
Identity and the Nonverbal Codes
Kinesics: Engaging Motion and Gestures
Proxemics: Engaging personal space and interpersonal distance
Haptics: Engaging Physical Contact and Touch
Oculesics: Engaging Gaze and Other Eye
Vocalics: Engaging the Voice and Other Vocalizations
Physical Appearance: Engaging Identity & Physical Features
Environmental Elements: Engaging Fixed and Semi-Fixed Features
Chronemics and Olfactics: Cultural Codes of Time and Scent
Nonverbal Communication Moving Forward


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