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Ohio Politics

Ohio Politics

March 2018 | 56 pages | CQ Press

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Gain a deeper understanding of today’s most evocative political topics with a series of modules from CQ Press, the high-quality publisher that you know and trust. Designed to make teaching and learning easier, this collection of brief, non-partisan modules provides clarity and meaning to trending topics—saving instructors time and creating more opportunities for classroom discussion. 

How will my students benefit? 
Written by well-respected CQ Press authors and journalists, each module helps students to think critically about a trending topic by:

  • Deconstructing the issues into a simple format
  • Examining all of the relevant perspectives and identifying key players 
  • Connecting current issues to foundational concepts in your course

How can I incorporate these modules into my course?

We’ve made it easy for your students to access your module choice(s)—all in one convenient package at a student-friendly price!

  • Bundle your module(s) for free with any CQ Press textbook or save 20% when you purchase multiple modules together by contacting your sales rep.  
  • Bind your module(s) directly into your CQ Press book for free through our custom publishing program.
  • Buy a module as a stand-alone resource. 

What modules are available for my course? 

What if the topic I want to cover isn’t in the current collection? 

  • Follow our CQ Press Lecture Spark blog to access free lecture launchers that spark lively classroom discussion around current events. 

The Role of Ohio in National Politics  
Purple State Politics  
The "Five Ohios, and the Rural-Urban Divide"  
Ohio: A Brief History  
Northwest Ordinance  
From a Territory to a State  
The Ohio Constitution  
1802 Constitution  
1851 Constitution  
1912 Convention  
The Ohio General Assembly  
Standing Committees  
Rules and Reference Committee  
Conference Committees  
The Law-Making Process  
Controlling Board  
Reapportionment and Redistricting  
Direct Democracy in Ohio  
The Executive Branch in Ohio  
Ohio Governors  
The Roles of the Ohio Governor  
Formal and Informal Powers  
Governors and Political Parties  
Other Executive Offices  
The Ohio Court System  
Mayor’s Courts  
Municipal and County Courts  
Courts of Common Pleas  
Courts of Appeals  
The Ohio Supreme Court  
Court of Claims  
Judicial Selection in Ohio  
Political Parties and Participation  
“Third” Parties in Ohio  
Governing Parties  
Legislative Party Committees  
Parties and the Political Environment  
Local Government in Ohio  
The Ohio Budget  
Learning Objectives  
Discussion Questions

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