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On Time and Method

On Time and Method

Volume: 13

June 1988 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"It is an excellent short introduction to issues of time, suitable for advanced undergraduate or graduate research methods course focusing on experimental and quasi-experimental designs. . . . An interesting introduction to the issues as seen by experimental social psychologists. . . . I'd recommend the book to any sociologists struggling with time-dependency issues." --Contemporary Sociology "This slim volume is rich in ideas which can be employed to clarify implicit and explicit theorising about time in sociological research methods. Similarly, used creatively and imaginatively, some of its considerations of experimental design and practice might be usefully transposed into the design and conduct of social surveys and field research." --The Journal of the British Sociological Association On Time and Method provides the first systematic, detailed examination of the impact of time on research methods. This original volume analyzes all the ways temporal factors can effect research results and interpretations, and explains how research can be strengthened by paying attention to such factors. This unique work first provides a theoretical base, laying out the interplay of temporal issues on the strategic, design, and operational levels of research. It then provides extended examples of the ways such factors operate in real-world research, and their consequences for such research programs. It closes with a collection of proven techniques and approaches which researchers can use to remove, reduce, or compensate for temporal effects. This cogent work provides valuable insights for all social scientists, and is essential reading for students of research methods.

Time and the Logic of Method
Temporal Issues in Strategy, Design, and Validity of Studies
Temporal Issues in the Conduct of Research
Exploring the X-Y Interval
Some Tactics for the Time Structuring of Study Designs

The S-B-O Template
A Framework for Study Planning


Nice text for those students who a looking at longitudinal research and more sophisticated approaches. A good introduction to what can be a bewildering topic.

Mr Ian Fouweather
Graduate School, Bradford University
May 8, 2013

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