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Organizational Challenges to Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance

Organizational Challenges to Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance
A New Common Sense About Regulation

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August 2013 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Organizational Challenges to Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance: A New Common Sense about Regulation

THE ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

September 2013, Volume 649

Special Editor: Susan S. Silbey


Following a series of global financial and economic crises at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, we hear renewed calls for increased government regulation of the economy (including finance, banking, insurance, communications, environment, and employment) as a necessary safeguard against the excesses of exuberant capitalism.  At the same time, opponents argue that government regulation not only dampens market efficiencies and hinders economic growth in general but specifically encourages the predatory and fraudulent practices responsible for the recent Great Recession.


This volume of The ANNALS analyzes the bodies of scholarship on regulation as well as the empirical models and policy advice that have both fueled and responded to conventional public regulation by rethinking these paradigms from the perspective of the regulated organizations—in all their diversity and complexity. These articles examine three features of the contemporary situation that demand new ways of looking at the processes and prospects of regulation: experiences with innovative regulatory models propagated as risk management; failures of organizational self-governance; and new forms of networked and dispersed global organizations. We suggest that a new common sense about regulation acknowledges the ubiquity of legal regulation and the contextual conditions that frame the normative interpretations, the global circulation of regulation that has transformed its scale, and finally the role of the organization as the locus of regulation.

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Susan S. Silbey
Organizational Challenges to Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance: A New Common Sense about Regulation
Jodi Short
Self-Regulation in the Regulatory Void: “Blue Moon” or “Bad Moon”?
Fiona Haines
Three Risks, One Solution? Exploring the Relationship between Risk and Regulation
Christine Parker
Voting with Your Fork: Industrial Free-Range Eggs and the Regulatory Construction of Consumer Choice
Cristie Ford
Innovation-Framing Regulation
Nancy Reichman and Ophir Sefiha
Regulating Performance Enhancing Technologies: A Comparison of Professional Cycling and Derivatives Trading
Salo Coslovsky
Enforcing Food Quality and Safety Standards in Brazil: The Case of COBRACANA
Carol A. Heimer
Resilience in the Middle: Contributions of Regulated Organizations to Regulatory Success
Ruthanne Huising and Susan S. Silbey
Constructing Consequences for Noncompliance: The Case of Academic Laboratories
Matthew Desmond
Is Democratic Regulation of High Finance Possible?

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