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Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership

Edited by:
  • John Bratton - Honorary Professor in the Management School at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
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February 2020 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Organizational Leadership provides an accessible, critical and engaging analysis of what constitutes ‘leadership’ today. Demonstrating leadership as an interconnected process between leaders, followers and context, the book ensures a rounded understanding of theory and practice to support students throughout their course and future career.

Part 1: Contextualising Leadership 
examines the internal and external forces influencing leadership, addressing issues such as ethics, power, culture and innovation.

Part 2: Leadership Theories reviews and analyses traditional and contemporary theories of leadership.

Part 3: Managing People and Leadership builds on the idea of leadership as a human process and considers how complementary aspects of HRM can inform leadership practice and its outcomes on employees and organizational performance.

Part 4: Contemporary Leadership considers topical issues including the shift of leadership studies towards followership, gender and leadership and pro-environmental leadership.

Bringing complex theories and concepts to life through a range of case studies and examples, the book is further supported by a series of fascinating expert video conversations with those in leadership roles. From small social businesses to major multi-nationals, from the NHS to the frontline military teams, the videos offer a unique insight into the diverse reality of leadership in practice today.

John Bratton
Part 1: Contextualising leadership
John Bratton
Chapter 1: The nature of leadership
John Bratton and George Boak
Chapter 2: Strategic management, innovation and leadership
Joanne Murphy and John Bratton
Chapter 3: Power and leadership
David Denham and John Bratton
Chapter 4: Culture and leadership
Roslyn Larkin, John Burgess and Alan Montague
Chapter 5: Ethics and leadership
Part 2: Leadership theories
John Bratton
Chapter 6: Trait, behaviour and contingency theories of leadership
John Bratton
Chapter 7: Charismatic and transformational leadership
John Bratton
Chapter 8: Relational and distributed theories of leadership
Part 3: Managing people and Leadership
John Bratton and Helen Francis
Chapter 9: HRM and leadership
Kirsteen Grant
Chapter 10: Talent Management and leadership
Bernadette Scott
Chapter 11: Performance management and leadership
Peter Watt, George Boak, and Jeff Gold
Chapter 12: Leadership Development
Part 4: Contemporary Leadership
John Bratton and Helen Francis
Chapter 13: Followers, Communications and Leadership
Lois Farquharson
Chapter 14: Gender and leadership
Colin Lindsay
Chapter 15: Leadership in public sector organizations
Andrew Bratton
Chapter 16: Leading pro-environmental change
Markku Sotarauta
Chapter 17: Leading urban and regional innovation

Organizational Leadership brings together a number of leading scholars to provide a comprehensive perspective on leadership. This text offers an accessible exploration of different aspects of leadership and the many challenges and issues facing contemporary leaders. By analysing and critiquing different leadership theories and practices, Organizational Leadership encourages students to take a critical approach to effectively evaluate how leaders operate.”

Jennifer Robertson
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Western University, Canada

“A book that covers all facets of leadership, in theory and in practice, with a critical approach that will benefit students and practitioners.  Its comprehensive coverage of contemporary and timely leadership themes make it a valuable resource for effective people management in today’s diverse and complex workplaces.”

Lori Rilkoff
Human Resources and Safety Director, City of Kamloops, Canada

Senior students everywhere will benefit from Bratton and his impressive team of contributors’ crafting of an excellent work. Navigable, absorbing and eminently appropriate for students and practitioners alike, I expect this book will influence both current and shadow organizational leadership, as we steer organizations into a more nuanced and aware era of both for-profit and non-profit enterprise.

Doug Engelbrecht
Centre for Academic Excellence, University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

At a time when the need for good leadership across the world has never been greater, Bratton and colleagues provide a masterful overview of leadership theory and practice […] Informed by a dazzling array of literature across many social science/management disciplines, this ‘multimedia’ text will be invaluable to students of organizational behaviour, organization studies, HRM, management and beyond.

Edward Granter, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour
Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

John Bratton, (ed), brings his expertise of people management to the fore throughout the composition of this text as he analyses, evaluates, and operationalises leadership in the organisational setting.
As expected, John Bratton never fails to be the go-to authority for texts on organisational behaviour and people management and is written in a structured way that will facilitate the construction of learning, the end of chapter videos, online links and assignment style tasks are excellent addition that will reinforce learning throughout the book.
The book is suitable for Undergraduate, Postgraduate as well as Work based/Professional practitioners operating in a people management and leadership role.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
April 9, 2022

Fantastic textbook for reviewing leadership from a critical perspective.

Jesse Clark
Ph.D. Leadership Program, Carolina University
August 18, 2022

Most contemporary book and resources addressing Leadership and Follower-ship issues with cases facilitating a non Western-centric approach in the discussion and analysis.

Mr Patrick Saintas
School of Health Sciences, Brighton University
May 22, 2020

This book provides a good alternative to many of the more 'loved' organisational behaviour and leadership books. I find it easy to search in and to find relevant info and examples.

Dr Clare Hindley
Language and Communication, IUBH School of Business and Management
November 3, 2020

Comprehensive and up to date An excellent text

Mr Ronald Caddow
Department of Business Management , Glasgow Caledonian University
February 24, 2020

an expertly edited book which may rich chapters that students will find very useful

Mr Richard Kotter
Geography & Environmental Management, Northumbria University
March 22, 2020

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Chapter 16: Leading Pro-Environmental Change

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