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Organizational Networks

Organizational Networks

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

August 2011 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing on the wealth of insights into organizational life accumulated over the past few decades, this collection takes stock of the foundations of research in this area, examines the status of the current work and identifies future directions for the field.

Topics covered include theoretical and methodological foundations; social capital; strong ties, weak ties and structural holes; small worlds/network structures; centrality and power; social networks of entrepreneurship; identity, cognition and individual differences in social networks; and network dynamics.

Theoretical and Methodological Foundations
Urban Families: Conjugal Roles and Social Networks

E. Bott
Structural Balance: A Generalization of Heider's Theory

D. Cartwright and F. Harary
Graph Theoretic Methods in the Management Sciences

F. Harary
Structural Balance, Mechanical Solidarity and Interpersonal Relations

J. A. Davis
Structural Equivalence of Individuals in Social Networks

F. Lorain and H.C. White
The Strength of Weak Ties

M.S. Granovetter
The Duality of Persons and Groups

R.L. Breiger
Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness

M.S. Granovetter
Social Networks as Normal Science

N.P. Hummon and K. Carley
Social Capital
Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital

J.S. Coleman
Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital

R.D. Putnam
Resources and Relationships: Social Networks and Mobility in the Workplace

J.M. Podolny and J. Baron
Social Capital, Intellectual Capital, and the Organizational Advantage

J. Nahapiet and S. Ghoshal
Social Capital and Value Creation: The Role of Intrafirm Networks

W. Tsai and S. Ghoshal
The Two Meanings of Social Capital

A. Portes
Group Social Capital and Group Effectiveness: The Role of Informal Socializing Ties

H. Oh, C. Myung Ho and G. Labianca
Second-hand Brokerage: Evidence on the Importance of Local Structure for Managers, Bankers and Analysts

R. Burt
Strong Ties, Weak Ties and Structural Holes
The Strength of Strong Ties: Social Networks and Intergroup Conflict in Organizations

E. Reed Nelson
The Search-Transfer Problem: The Role of Weak Ties in Sharing Knowledge Across Organization Subunits

M. T. Hansen
Bridging Ties: A Source of Firm Heterogeneity in Competitive Capabilities

B. McEvily and A. Zaheer
Collaboration Networks, Structural Holes, and Innovation: A Longitudinal Study

G. Ahuja
Network Memory: The Influence of Past and Current Networks on Performance

G. Soda, A. Usai and A. Zaheer
Can you have your Cake and Eat it too? Structural Holes' Influence on Status Accumulation and Market Performance in Collaborative Networks

A. Shipilov and S. Li
Centrality and Power
Centrality in Social Networks: II. Experimental Results

L.C. Freeman, D. Roeder and R.R. Mulholland
Being in the Right Place: A Structural Analysis of Individual Influence in an Organization

D.J. Brass
Assessing the Political Landscape: Structure, Cognition and Power in Organizations

D. Krackhardt
The Social Organization of Conspiracy: Illegal Networks in the Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry

W.E. Baker and R.R. Faulkner
Two Routes to Influence: Integrating Leader-Member Exchange and Social Network Perspectives

R.T. Sparrowe and R. Liden
At the Margins: A Distinctiveness Approach to the Social Identity and Social Networks of Underrepresented Groups

A. Mehra, M. Kilduff and D.J. Brass
Network Structures: Small Worlds and Diffusion
The Diffusion of an Innovation Among Physicians

J. Coleman, E. Katz and H. Menzel
An Experimental Study of the Small World Problem

J. Travers and S. Milgram
Informal Networks and Organizational Crises: An Experimental Simulation

D. Krackhardt and R. Stern
Agents without Principles? The Spread of the Takeover Defense through the Intercorporate Network

G.F. Davis
Networks, Dynamics and the Small-World Phenomenon

D.J. Watts
The Small World of Germany and the Durability of National Networks

B. Kogut and G. Walker
Where do Small Worlds Come From?

J. A. C. Baum, A.V. Shipilov and T. Rowley
Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World Problem

B. Uzzi and J. Spiro
A Small World after all? Network Perceptions versus Reality

M. Kilduff, C. Crossland, W. Tsai and D. Krackhardt
Identity and Cognition in Social Networks
Learning a Social Structure

B. Clinton DeSoto
Filling in the Blanks: A Theory of Cognitive Categories and the Structure of Social Relations

L.C. Freeman
Systematic Biases in Social Perception

E.A. Kumbasar, K. Romney and W.H. Batchelder
Bringing the Individual back in: A Structural Analysis of the Internal Market for Reputation in Organizations

M. Kilduff and D. Krackhardt
Whether Close or Far: Social Distance Effects on Perceived Balance in Friendship Networks

D. Krackhardt and M. Kilduff
Social Networks Schemas and the Learning of Incomplete Networks

G. Janicik and R.P. Larrick
Individual Differences and Social Networks
Homophily and Differential Returns: Sex Differences in Network Structure and Access in an Advertising Firm

H. Ibarra
The Friendship Network as a Decision Making Resource: Dispositional Moderators of Social Influences on organizational Choice

M. Kilduff
The Social Networks of High and Low Self-Monitors: Implications for Workplace Performance

A. Mehra, M. Kilduff, M and D.J. Brass
How do they get there? An Examination of the Antecedents of Centrality in Team Networks

K. J. Klein et al
Social Networks, the Tertius Iungens Orientation, and Involvement in Innovation

D. Obstfeld
Network Dynamics
The Snowball Effect: Turnover Embedded

D. Krackhardt and L.W. Porter
Network Dyads in Entrepreneurial Settings: A Study of the Governance of Exchange Relations

A. Larson
Interorganizational Collaboration and the Locus of Innovation: Networks of Learning in Biotechnology

W. W. Powell, K. W. Koput and L. Smith-Doerr
Director Reputation, CEO-Board Power, and the Dynamics of Board Interlocks

E.J. Zajac and J. D. Westphal
Where do Inter-Organizational Networks come from?

R. Gulati and M. Gargiulo
Legitimacy Building in the Evolution of Small-Firm Multilateral Networks: A Comparative Study of Success and Demise

S.E. Human and K.G. Provan
Friends or Strangers? Firm-specific Uncertainty, Market Uncertainty and Network Partner Selection

C. Beckman, P. Haunschild and D. Phillips