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Organizing Public Education

Organizing Public Education

Four Volume Set
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September 2013 | 1 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The wider socio-political environment within any country provides the forum for the ideological and philosophical debates from which the organization of education is derived. Educational policies therefore reflect the dominant discourses of the time, from which overarching guiding principles are formulated. In this new four-volume collection, esteemed editors Leslie Bell and Howard Stevenson bring together a wealth of material which discusses these dominant discourses and the strategic directions which emanate from them, looking at areas such as key ideological debates, policy issues, organizational theories and culture, leadership theories and critical perspectives, and managing teaching and learning. The set is carefully organized into four thematic volumes:

Volume One: Organizing Educational Policy

Volume Two: Organizing Educational Institutions

Volume Three: Organizing Educational Leadership and Management

Volume Four: Organizing Performance, Professionalism and Pedagogy in Education

M. Bottery
The Global Challenge
K.C. Moloi, S.J. Gravett and N.F. Peterson
Globalization and Its Impact on Education with Specific Reference to Education in South Africa
Jill Blackmore
Gender Inequality and Education
Changing Local/Global Relations in a 'Post-Colonial' World and Implications for Feminist Research  
Yeow Tong Chia
The Elusive Goal of Nation-Building
Asian/Confucian Values and Citizenship Education in Singapore during the 1980s C Chris Gifford et al  
Post-National Citizenship and Higher Education in the European Union C L.C. Chiang
Trading on the West's Strength
The Dilemmas of Transnational Higher Education in East Asia  
Mark Olssen and Michael Peters
Neo-Liberalism, Higher Education and the Knowledge Economy
From the Free Market to Knowledge Capitalism  
C. Torres
The State, Privatization and Educational Policy
A Critique of Neo-Liberalism in Latin America and Some Ethical and Political Implications  
Michael Apple
Doing Things the 'Right' Way
Legitimating Educational Inequalities in Conservative Times  
Gerald Grace and Martin Thrupp
Commodity or Public Good? 20 Years on  
Clive Dimmock and Jonathan Goh
Transformative Pedagogy, Leadership and School Organization for the 21st Century Knowledge-Based Economy
The Case of Singapore  
Bill Mulford
Building Social Capital in Professional Learning Communities
Importance, Challenges and a Way forward  
Philip Hallinger
Making Education Reform Happen
Is There an 'Asian' Way?  
Eric Hoyle and Mike Wallace
Educational Reform
An Ironic Perspective  
Geoff Whitty
20 Years of Progress? English Education Policy 1988 to the Present
Les Bell
Strategic Planning and School Management
Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing?  
Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink
Distributed Leadership
Democracy or Delivery?  
M. Fernanda Astiz, Alexander Wiseman and David Baker
Slouching towards Decentralization
Consequences of Globalization for Curricular Control in National Education Systems  
Emanuela di Gropello
Education Decentralization and Accountability Relationships in Latin America
Ron Glatter
Persistent Preoccupations
The Rise and Rise of School Autonomy and Accountability in England  
Esther Sui-chu Ho
Educational Decentralization in Three Asian Societies
Japan, Korea and Hong Kong  
Stephen Ball
Privatizing Education, Privatizing Education Policy, Privatizing Educational Research
Network Governance and the 'Competition State'  
Florencia Torche
Privatization Reform and Inequality of Educational Opportunity
The Case of Chile  
Rosemary Deem and Kevin Brehony
Management Ideology
The Case of New Managerialism in Higher Education  
Kok Chung Ong and David Chan
Transnational Higher Education and Challenges for University Governance in China
Jill Blackmore
Bureaucratic, Corporate/Market and Network Governance
Shifting Spaces for Gender Equity in Education  
Stewart Ranson
The Changing Governance of Education
Jan Heystek
School Governing Bodies in South African Schools
Under Pressure to Enhance Democratization and Improve Quality  
Brian Caldwell
The New Enterprise Logic of the Academy Programme
Ron Glatter
Joining up the Dots
Academies and System Coherence  
Kristen Buras
Race, Charter Schools and Conscious Capitalism
On the Spatial Politics of Whiteness as Property (and the Unconscionable Assault on Black New Orleans)  
Pam Sammons
Improving Schools and Raising Standards
The Impact of Standards-Based Educational Reforms in England  
Jenny Ozga
Governing Education through Data in England
From Regulation to Self-Evaluation  
Tony Bush
Educational Management
Theory and Practice  
Clive Dimmock and Allan Walker
Developing Comparative and International Educational Leadership and Management
A Cross-Cultural Model  
Jacky Lumby
Leading Organizational Culture
Issues of Power and Equity  
Yin Cheng
Towards the Third-Wave School Leadership
Paul Begley
Leading with a Moral Purpose
The Place of Ethics  
Jacky Lumby and Nick Foskett
Power, Risk and Utility
Interpreting the Landscape of Culture in Educational Leadership  
John MacBeath
Leadership as a Subversive Activity
Saeeda Shah
Educational Leadership
An Islamic Perspective  
Izhar Oplatka
The Principalship in Developing Countries
Context, Characteristics and Reality  
Anne Gold et al
Principled Principals? Values-Driven Leadership: Evidence from 10 Case Studies of 'Outstanding' School Leaders
Philip Hallinger
Meeting the Challenges of Cultural Leadership
The Changing Role of Principals in Thailand  
Peter Ribbins and Junhua Zhang
Culture, Societal Culture and School Leadership
A Study of Selected Head Teachers in Rural China  
Gabriele Lakomski and Colin Evers
Passionate Rationalism
The Role of Emotion in Decision-Making  
Kenneth Leithwood et al
School Leaders' Influences on Student Learning
The Four Paths  
Peter Gronn
Designer Leadership
The Emerging Global Adoption of Preparation Standards  
Gary Crow and Dick Weindling
Learning to Be Political
New English Head Teachers' Roles  
James Spillane
Distributed Leadership
Tanya Fitzgerald
The Tyranny of Bureaucracy
Continuing Challenges of Leading and Managing from the Middle  
Richard Bolden, Georgy Petrov and Jonathan Gosling
Distributed Leadership in Higher Education
Rhetoric and Reality  
Howard Stevenson
A Case Study in Leading Schools for Social Justice
When Morals and Markets Collide  
Geoff Southworth
Learning-Centred Leadership
Linda Lambert
Constructivist Leadership
Dorothy Andrews and Frank Crowther
Teachers as Leaders in a Knowledge Society
Encouraging Signs of a New Professionalism  
Ray Bolam
Reflections on the NCSL from an Historical Perspective
Helen Gunter
Policy and Workforce Reform in England
Rosalind Leva?i?
Teacher Incentives and Performance
An Application of Principal-Agent Theory  
Jacky Lumby
Performativity and Identity
Mechanisms of Exclusion  
Stephen Ball
The Teacher's Soul and the Terrors of Performativity
Nina Bascia and Cindy Rottmann
What's so Important about Teachers' Working Conditions? The Fatal Flaw in North American Educational Reform
Christopher Day
Committed for Life? Variations in Teachers' Work, Lives and Effectiveness
Howard Stevenson
Restructuring Teachers' Work and Trade Union Responses in England
Bargaining for Change?  
Geoff Whitty and Emma Wisby
'Collaborative' and 'Democratic' Professionalisms
Alternatives to 'Traditional' and 'Managerialist' Approaches to Teacher Autonomy?  
Les Bell and Ray Bolam
Teacher Professionalism and Continuing Professional Development
Contested Concepts and Their Implications for School Leaders  
Andy Hargreaves
Sustainable Professional Learning Communities
Valerie Hall
Dusting off the Phoenix
Gender and Educational Management Revisited  
Jill Blackmore and Judyth Sachs
'Zealotry or Nostalgic Regret'? Women Leaders in Technical and Further Education in Australia: Agents of Change, Entrepreneurial Educators or Corporate Citizens
Tanya Fitzgerald and Helen Gunter
Contesting the Orthodoxy of Teacher Leadership
Tanya Fitzgerald
Academic housework? Women Professors at the University of New Zealand 1911-1961
B.R. Grobler et al
Creating a School Environment for the Effective Management of Cultural Diversity

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