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Outcome Measures and Evaluation in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Outcome Measures and Evaluation in Counselling and Psychotherapy

First Edition

April 2022 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book sets in context the role of outcome measurement research - taking you step-by-step through the research process and beyond to consider the wider professional and ethical issues involved. This book will provide you with everything you need to know and more, helping you develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful research-informed practitioner. Written for trainees and counselling and psychotherapy practitioners, this book:     
- Provides you with a brief overview and history of research and measurement in mental health contexts.
- Sets out a framework for understanding the core features of outcome measures and their scope.
- Takes you step-to-step through the process of implementing a SMART outcome evaluation.
- Addresses the benefits and limitations of outcome measures research for the individual client, practitioner and service provider.

Packed full of case studies, activities and tools for real-life practice, this book throws a life belt to all counselling and psychotherapy trainees and practitioners looking to make the best start in their research-informed career. Chris Evans is Visiting Professor at the University of UDLA, Ecuador and an Honorary Professor at the University of Roehampton. Jo-anne Carlyle is Director of 

Part I: Outcome Measures and Evaluation
1. An Introduction to Outcome Measures and Evaluation
Part II: Outcome Measures
2. A Framework for Outcome Measures
3. How to Judge the Quality of an Outcome Measure
4. An overview of outcome and change measures
5. Analysing Change Data from Outcome Measures
Part III: Evaluation – Applying Outcome Measures in Practice
6. Designing a SMART evaluation. What’s your design and who is your audience?
7. Outcome Measurement for individual practitioners
8. Service level change and outcome measurement
9. Working with clients and supervisors when using outcome measures
Part IV. Communication and Critique
10. A “snapshot” review. Survival and Critique as a core practitioner skill

In their new book Outcome Measures and Evaluation in Counselling and Psychotherapy, authors Chris Evans and Jo-anne Carlyle have pulled off a rare feat. In making some important statistical concepts accessible, presenting ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments for measurement in a balanced way, and leading the reader through a range of implementation scenarios, they have written the guide I wish I’d read twenty five years ago. In fact, they’ve written the book I wish I’d written myself. If you have no other guide to outcome measurement and evaluation in psychological therapy on your bookshelf, make sure you have this one.

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This book will support our module Assessment and Evaluation very well. It brings together all the information we need on Outcome Measures in a readable and accessible format.

Mrs Gaynor Avril Boileau
Health, Social Care & Early Years Dept, Warwickshire College
November 7, 2022

Our FD students and BA students both do real world work and this book will help them write up their case studies in a formulaic way and to research further

Professor Ruth Malaney
LRC, Guildford College
December 10, 2021

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