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Parenting Tough Kids

Parenting Tough Kids
Simple Proven Strategies to Help Kids Succeed

First Edition

March 2007 | 160 pages | Corwin
Formerly published by Peytral Publications

Parenting Tough Kids
delivers simple, proven strategies to improve the behavior, organization, learning, and emotional well-being of all children.

Parents will find case studies and practical ideas to help youngsters improve memory and organization, complete homework and chores more easily, deal with school bullies, build emotional resilience, and create healthy friendships.

About the Author
1. The Challenge of Parenting Tough Kids
2. Family Strategies Worth Considering
3. Improving Memory and Organization
4. Plans to Overcome Typical Home Hotspots
5. Friendships and Bullying
6. Homework Solutions
7. How to Build Your Child's Emotional Resilience

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ISBN: 9781890455064