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Performance Measurement and Management

Performance Measurement and Management
A Strategic Approach to Management Accounting

April 2005 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Management accountancy has a dynamic role to play in the competitive strategy of

modern global businesses. This book sets out key strategic principles and then assesses how management accountancy can affect and direct these strategies. Engaging case studies reveal how theories and concepts translate into real business practice. Throughout, the book emphasizes:

- how accounting initiatives can trigger assessment and improvement of

performance management

- the importance of managerial decision making to good business practice

- how today's management accountancy measures against current research

Written for advanced undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students taking

courses on management accounting and performance measurement and

management, the book will be also of interest to management and business

consultants, professional accountants and accounting academics.

Emerging Issues
Performance Measurement and Analysis
Strategy Alternatives
Product and Customer Profitability
Know Your Processes
Know Your People
Management Information Systems
Financial Modelling

Students thought that this book was easy to follow and understand

Dr Scott Foster
Department of HRM, Liverpool John Moores University
November 10, 2013

This book presents a comprehensive approach to performance measurement and management. Topics as diverse as information systems, financial analysis, strategic analysis, consumer analysis, processes, or human resources are discussed within the performance management perspective. This text clearly demonstrates the interdisciplinarity required when it comes to issues of management accounting. Perhaps it could be less dense and more attractive (color, for example), but it is still an excellent and recommended book.

Mr Paulino Silva
Accounting, ISCAP | IPP
January 18, 2013

Recommendable for above level 7

Mr Essa Ummar Sheriff
CMI, British Institute of Technology & E-commerce
June 20, 2011

How the book was used. I have personally read through a couple of principal pages of the book. As I found the book to be step-by-step in its presentations, I sent it to class on two different periods and talked about it to students and also passed it round for them to check its contents. Most of the got interested and asked whether our library holds copy.

Among similar books, my particular attachment to Smith's book is that unlike others, it integrates strategy, general management and management accounting in addressing a single issue: performance measurement and management. Hence it is a real integrated performance framework. I recommend the book highly to lecturers, students and especially those of us in consulting busines.

Obi Berko Damoah.

Dr Obi Damoah
Business Administration , University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
May 4, 2010

Sage College Publishing

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